Candy Cocktail Bar in Poznań

Candy Cocktail Bar Poznań, Poland

The characteristic cocktail bar designed by E. Space Studio is located along Wrocławska street, one of the busiest and most visited in the city of Poznań, Poland.

An interesting place that invites you with a different energy from the outside, and from the entrance you can feel the unique and candy aura of the world of sweets in combination with cocktails.

The Candy cocktail bar is a well-thought-out concept that can be seen from the very entrance through every element of the decor and can be felt in the taste of each served cocktail.

Delight, smile and pleasant feelings can be seen on the face of every guest who just crosses the threshold of Candy, and this is due to the interesting approach to creating this place by the architect.

Candy, il caratteristico cocktail bar progettato dall'architetto Emilia Szczudło di E. Space Studio

A combination of fairy-tale colors – pink and blue in various shades, which we associate so much with the name Candy and which reign in this interior and appear on various parts such as stucco or upholstery of sofas and chairs, as well as in the form of a holographic tile, which in this case, it is like icing on a sweet donut, they give the impression of being pampered with sweetness.

An unusual approach in this space was the use of striped wallpaper on the ceiling of the entire interior and transferring them also to other parts of the premises, which gave the interior an additional hypnotic dimension.

Also referring to classic structures such as marble or velor or elements characteristic of the classics such as columns, stucco or sculpture and presenting them in a new form and light created a place where everyone can spend a pleasant time in such a unique atmosphere in the company of friends and cotton candy, because who doesn’t like cotton candy.

Interesting elements that are immediately visible and admired are posters and neon lights, which in the form of shaped motifs or hidden rope lighting are the only ones that illuminate this place and add an additional vibe, and all this was designed and created by the architect Emilia Szczudło from E. Space Studio.

Candy: un Cocktail Bar dai colori fiabeschi

Location Poznań, Poland
Design E. Space Studio, Architect Emilia Szczudło
Photos courtesy Bartek Bieliński

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