Melt cocktail bar designed by Pantone Collective

Melt cocktail bar designed by Pantone Collective

Melt, the high-energy cocktail bar, is a concept that revolves around the use of chocolate liquor in its cocktails. With a 10,000 sqft area nestled in the bustling hub of Skymark, Noida.

Melt creates an immersive experience with its interior design that reflects the name and concept of “melt.”

Melt cocktail bar designed by Pantone Collective

The space has been meticulously designed to embody the flow and movement of melting concept, featuring organic walls and soft curves.

As guests enter the bar, they encounter a hidden vault entrance, sparking intrigue and setting the tone for the cocktail experience. The entrance is designed with fluted deep coffee elements, leading into the main arena. Within the inner floor area, a social banquette setup is combined with a dining experience, offering guests a variety of options for both dining and cocktails.

Melt cocktail bar Skymark, Noida

To create contrast and resonate with the high-energy atmosphere, the color blue is used as the Pantone pop-up color. lt is artistically incorporated into the flooring as terrazzo inlay, resembling spilling melt waves.

The blue color also wraps around the 360-degree amoeba-shaped bar, serving as a focal and interactive point between the outdoor deck and the inner cocktail space. The bar facade is designed with dramatic lighting effects, capable of transforming itself with a multi-hue effect, giving it a dynamic and ever-changing character.

Melt cocktail bar designed by Pantone Collective

Upside-down arches are featured throughout the space, adding to the organic design intent. Embossed abstract art resembling melted chocolate is incorporated on the columns and ceiling, enhancing the fluid design concept.

A private dining room, accommodating 15-20 guests, is designed to provide a sense of luxury and privacy. lt includes a private bar and a massive round cut­ out that leads to this exclusive vault. The room features a vaulted ceiling and a prominent art sphere installation . The front of the private dining room is adorned with earthy terracotta tiles, displaying the ingredients and produce used in the chocolate cocktail mixology, further emphasizing the concept of the space. 

Melt cocktail bar designed by Pantone Collective

The outer deck features a double-height bar, accompanied by  a curved staircase that leads to a performance area overlooking the guests, creating a high-energy impact. A round gazebo space serves as a distinctive feature, housing a spline and a highly reflective sphere as an installation that reflects the surroundings. An in-built water body beneath the sphere adds drama to this gazebo.

To  enhance  the  outdoor  experience,  organic  and  boho-inspired banquette seating is proposed, complemented by soft and warm lighting tones.

The use of lush tropical foliage as part of the landscaping brings a soothing and fresh ambiance to the outdoor bar area .

Melt cocktail bar outdoor area

In the outdoor area of Melt, a mix of deep browns, coffee tones, and the pop-up blue color is incorporated into the in-situ terrazzo flooring. This flooring is laid out in an abstract art pattern, creating a visually striking contrast against the lush tropical foliage of the outdoor space. The deep browns and coffee tones in the flooring complement the earthy and warm ambiance of the outdoor area.

terrazzo flooring

These colors create a sense of grounding and harmony with the natural surroundings. The pop-up blue color, on the other hand, adds a vibrant and energetic touch to the space. lts artistic placement in the terrazzo flooring creates a focal point and adds an element of intrigue and visual interest.

This combination of deep browns, coffee tones, and pop-up blue in the terrazzo flooring enhances the overall aesthetic of the outdoor area. lt adds depth, texture, and a touch of contemporary flair to the tropically lush surroundings, making it an inviting and visually captivating space for guests to enjoy their cocktails and dining experience at Melt.

Melt cocktail bar outdoor area

Location Skymark, Noida – India
Area 10.000 sqft
Design firm Pantone Collective
Photos courtesy Studio Suryan/Dang