Arredamento Locali Pubblici: Wood Cocktail Bar Milano

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Wood was born from the ashes of a previous place, inspired by a subway stop and considered too cold and impersonal.

Wood Cocktail Bar, upon request  of the owner,  is inspired by a “dens” where you  can try aromatic tobaccos and enjoy excellent cocktails.

Bar Design: Wood Cocktail Bar in Milan

The Cairati Remo e Figli Sas company, in charge of bringing together the ideas and the budget within a practical and sustainable project, decided to create walls and floors using the practical Oak Farmhouse wooden parquet by Pergo.

Wile for the counter bar, the choice fell on a very thick dark-stained fir wood with raw iron beams, completed by a service top in burnished metal with a galvanic bath that creates a pleasant vintage effect.

The shelves of the back counter, equipped with dimmable RGB LED bars, together with the lights that filter through a cloth on the ceiling, give an effect with soft and enveloping tones.

Bar Design: Wood Cocktail Bar in Milan

The custom-made tables with thermo-painted metal tubular structure fit well with the chairs.

Location Milano
Furnishing and project Cairati Remo e Figli Sas
Building works Edil Quality
Works coordination Arch. Lacrima
Photos courtesy Adriano Pecchio Photographer

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