Iris Ceramica Group fights COVID-19 with the technological innovation of ACTIVE SURFACES™
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Art and technology for the new ICG Gallery in Berlin

In the splendid Auguststrasse, also known as the “art district”, the new ICG Gallery Berlin expresses all the creative potential of Iris Ceramica Group through its high-end ceramic surfaces, which become interactive tools for going on a journey into the Company’s world of values, far beyond the classic concept of a retail space. […]

Optical Trips collection
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Terrazzo tiles collection “Optical Trips”

Optical Trips is a tiles collection comprises four different ranges (Vertice, Traverso, Mediana, Eccentrica,), all of which share the common feature of having a single square module (a single input) which, whether arranged randomly or by following the suggested laying patterns, results in different outputs – configurations and decorations that differ wildly from one another. […]