The first Ikea Italian pop up store in Rome.

The first Ikea Italian pop up store in Rome.

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The pop up store suggests new ways to meet the changes of consumers and extends the formats.

Ikea chooses Rome for its  first pop up store in Italy.

Opened on April 27, 2017, in Piazza San Silvestro, it covers an area of 400 sqm. The world of cooking, on which the Swedish Company is improved to invest a lot, it has a leading role in the temporary sector: from furnishing system, to complements, accessories and fabrics.

pop up store Ikea Roma

The multi-channel project gives raise to the pop up store in Rome.

In fact, the visitors can create a customised kitchen among the different solutions with  screens, videos and QR codes offering an interactive shopping experience.

The pop up store also aims to strengthen the presence of Ikea in downtown with small retail outlets and accessible to other consumer targets.

The choice of Rome, where Ikea has been present since 17 ys, with two stores, and a Pick up&Order format, and a third one incoming, arises from an analysis checking for Lazio as the second region for Ikea online sales.

And the Managing Director of Ikea, Mrs Belen Frau affirms that: “We love Rome and this was the reason to chose this place for our first Pop-up Store, our  beautiful accomodation since 17 years, when we launched our first store. This well established market watches for two stores, a pick-up & order point and a third forthcoming.

The goal is to make shopping experience, increasingly accessible, with different formats enable to meet our consumers’ needs, both in the physical touch points on online ones, or in the multi-channel combining both cases.”

pop up store Ikea Roma

In order to meet the customers’ demands, the sales points in Rome chooses the online purchase formula “pay and pick up”, for online payments and pick up the goods at an Ikea store.

The products will be available within four working hours from order confirmation, during the opening hours. Many loyal roman customers test the online experience and the forwarding services.

In fact, Lazio region represents the second largest region for e-commerce sales in Italy for IKEA, second only to Lombardy. The sales in Lazio represent the 10,45% of total sales of Ikea Italy online, while those in Rome and procince are 8,23% on the Italian sum.

The transport booking (>50kos) burdens in Lazio region more than the national average: in Italy it is the 18% of orders, in Lazio region is the 21%, in Rome and province is the 22%.

Within the pop up store, which will be open until June 27, every day from 10 AM to 8 PM, will work in shift about 20 of the 780 direct Ikea staff in Rome, recruited by indefinite contract (99,74%).

Francesca Zorzetto
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