Lumberjack and Liviana Conti choose F&M Retail to develop their brands.

Lumberjack and Liviana Conti choose F&M Retail to develop their brands.

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F&M Retail, an  international company which realizes high-quality interior construction projects and sophisticated design concepts, has been commissioned over the years by the Lumberjack brand to develop the concept of its corners and shop-in-shop, currently more than 200.  The firm  designed  and engineered the stand that launched the debut of  Lumberjack  in January at Pitti Uomo 91. He has also created the new Liviana Conti store in the prestigious context of the Scalo Milano shopping center.

The company was founded in 2001 in Cologne. In 2014, the Italian subsidiary in Mirano-Venetia was formed. For more than 15 years, F&M Retail has been in demand around the world, with a wide range of services covering individual design services, project & construction management, general contracting or complete design & build. Today, a team of 40 employees operates across country borders and in 12 languages.
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F&M Retail has conceived the Lumberjack’s shop-in-shop concept -a  well-known brand of footwear and outdoor clothing-  planning and managing every stage from design to realization through engineering, supply, and fitting of furnishings. The concept store is typical of the Lumberjack style, where the modern design lines “made in Italy” – especially designed for Lumberjack- are contaminated by the use of materials such as wood and sheet metal in the most authentic rough style of North American tradition.

The strength of F&M Retail comes from a constant search for excellence in the process: from the creation of the idea to its engineering and realization, which allows to find a synthesis of quality, time and cost for customer service.

F&M Retail was also commissioned to realize the Lumberjack stand at Pitti Uomo 91, where the entrance is conceived as a garage box and the large monumental outer staircase is decorated with fabric walkways that accompany the customer. Illuminated totems and green installations complete the frame of the path towards the exhibition point: inside, the environment invokes “leisure” through the use of pegboard panels, which are generally found in workshops and garages.

F&M RETAIL contractF&M Retail has also supported Liviana Conti in the development and engineering of the concept store realized in the prestigious context of the “Scalo Milano” shopping center, dealing with the complete management of the project. Moreover, as a general contractor, F&M Retail has carried out a fundamental e-procurement work searching for the best prices and the necessary quality, guaranteeing the opening according to the agreed times.

The general setting of the store reflects brand guidelines, using precious inserts such as wood and white metal, glass and reflecting surfaces (metal and plexiglass), and natural flooring materials.
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F&M Retail Srl designs high quality interior designs and sophisticated design for an international clientele in every area – fashion, lifestyle, food, non-food and real estate. Founded in 2015 by F & M Engineering Spa, F & M Retail Gmbh and Pilotis Srl, F & M Retail Srl is the result of the consolidated experience of a team of retail and retail management professionals. An international clientele and sought-after interior projects are its core business. Orienting yourself to simplification and offering top-quality services to fully satisfy Customer’s expectations is the key to its success.
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