RILIEVI collection by ZAVEN.

Collezione di rivestimenti per l’interior design

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Rilievi”, designed by Zaven (Enrica Cavarzan & Marco Zavagno), is the Collection of high-impact interior design coverings that overturns the traditional rules of ceramic tile creation: three-dimensional elements with different geometric forms and colours decorate the large slabs by CEDIT, transforming walls and spaces into imaginative scenarios that constitute real works of art.

interior design coverings

The Collection reflects the research for the transformation of a two-dimensional sign into a volume that the two designers have been carrying out for a long time, reinterpreting and industrializing on a large scale their “Practice Practice Practice” project, a limited edition ceramic piece of art.

interior design coverings
Zaven | Enrica Cavarzan & Marco Zavagno

Zaven’s creative spark found its highest expression in CEDIT and gave life to a unique and original collection that plays on the modular repetition of a three-dimensional element in ever-changing configurations: a design that combines different shapes and shades on large porcelain slabs of different colors, in order to maximize customization freedom.

We wanted to use ceramics’ potential for bringing spaces to life, by playing around with scale and modular repetition”,  the Zaven duo explain, “and so we designed three different modules which can be configured in infinite combinations, to give surfaces volume and depth”.

Their partnership with CEDIT enabled the designer to experience the practical and expressive potential of ceramic coverings and create a sculptural project that combines the excellence of craftsmanship with the qualities of industrial production, the two key factors in the brand’s DNA.

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Photos courtesy Neni Studio