Sky Design Awards 2019 – Call for Entries.

Sky Design Awards 2019

In 2019, Merci Magazine, Neoplus610 (the representative of and Art Dumbo Ltd has organised an inspired awards events including reflecting what the best for architects and designer in architecture, interior design, visual design included design business.

Professional, amateur, architects and designers are invited to submit their projects for Sky Design Awards 2019 in response to the categories and division. The shortlist will culminate in Sky Design Awards’ gala awards ceremony, exhibition, design dialogues and the experience centre by the end of August at Tokyo, Japan. The competition is open to all practices in architecture, Interior design, visual design, and design business included corporate identity and exhibition designs project completed between January 1st, 2017 – June 30th, 2019.

We are calling for entries from now for final submission on May 16, 2019, for projects that respond to the following themes:


Commercial, Retail & Office/ Green & Sustainable Build/Hotel & Resort/ Infrastructure/Institution& educational/ transportation Hub/ Public Space/ Remodelled Heritage (Conversation)/Residential and Urban Design divisions.

Interior Design

Commercial and Office/ Green & Sustainable Interior/ Hotel and Resort/ Institution/ Retail Design/Pop-Up/ Residential/ Leisure and wellness/ transportation Hub/ Lighting design and Furniture design.

Visual & Design Business

Pop-Up Design/ Graphic Design/ Corporate Identity Design/ Multimedia (Exhibition Design)/Signage Design and Photography (Interior and Architectural).

The judging panel of the compassion will include representatives nominated by Merci Media, Neoplus610, and Art Dumbo Ltd. Judging of the entries will be based on the following criteria:
HONG KONG/JAPAN/INTERNATIONAL, April 2, 2019 – In 2019 Curator of The Beatles Tomorrow


The 2019 SKY Design Awards will be award and also for the achievement of excellence to a building in architecture, Interior design, and visual design which exemplifies design excellence, for projects which able to delivers meaningful social impact.

Sky Design Awards endeavours to create collaboration opportunities between designers and companies in Hong Kong, Japan, and international.  To empower design professionals to hone their skills and creative development through our awards, design dialogue and experience hub for creativity exchange. We aim to build a collaborate peers for architects and interior designer companies across the Asia Pacific, with the awards and being recognised to create more projects for collaboration opportunities and offer for companies and jobs together in different Countries in Asia.


Trophy with the cerUficate, and extended opportunity, Sky Design Awards will be awarded to winners and provides a chances for overseas project hiring, cooperation and brand collaboration, also, featuring the winning project and interview arrangement on merci magazine and other international Media partners, including the special featuring winning project from the book of Sky

The prizes is open to any architects, interior and visual design for individual and company in the the world for their projects. The Prize, awards every two years, brings international attention to the most inspirational and significant new buildings, interior design and visual design across the Asia Pacific but also a range of the industry’s leading talents.

The following first Prizes from Furniture Design Division:

It is a prizes for exceptional design quality. To celebrate unique, innovative, and compelling pieces of design by awards winner, one of the sky design award’s winner will collaborate and work with PROMEMORIA to create a brand new project with a new signature furniture pieces.

For Architecture, Interior and Furniture Design Division:

One of the exclusive prizes, “Short-listed participants in categories or architecture, interior design and furniture design, will have the chance to work for a property development company on their Japan hotel and resort project in 2020, subject and details with conditions to be announced at the end of May, 2019.
Trophy with the certificate, an extended opportunity, Sky Design Awards will be awarded to winners and provides a chance for overseas projects hiring, cooperation, and brand collaboration.