Marketing&Trade wins the gold medal at Shop! Awards 2018.

Marketing Trade shop award 2018

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Finally a win for the Italian retail design at Shop! Award at Chicago.

Re.d, marketing and retail design division from Marketing &Trade has been awarded the gold medal at the pop-up category for the concept and design of Bar Meraviglia for Bibite San Pellegrino.

Marketing Trade wins Shop Awards 2018
Bar Meraviglia has taken the challenge of storytelling and make people experience the Mediterranean beauty, all in between Milan’s skyscrapers.  The experience of a new concept designed towards an international context. The strategic objective is the one of reposition Sanpellegrino’s sparkling drinks looking to a more adult public and to occasions with a great experiential component.

It does it by translating the new world market category sense. From this point of view the retail design intervene is closely linked to development of food&bevarege and serving, those also curated by Re.d-Marketing&Trade.

At the entrance there is a real Orangerie, a corner of peace created with real citrus trees; here it is possible to have a break and enjoy their perfume. Just after, a triumph of colours, a combination of art and nature, reached also thanks to the mastery of the artist and designer that have furnished the place.

It is like this, in between molten rock coffee tables made at Caltagirone oven’s, a wall signed by the street artist Neve, short films shot by Vincenzo Caiazzo, video maker and director, and an installation that talks in a conceptual way about Mediterraneity -“It is a State of sun, happiness and lots of citrus” (Cit. anonymus)-and it is illustrated by a 3D “Citruspedia” that shows the incredible variety of citrus fruits. At the end arrives the time to taste a drink. Obviously is a new way, completely different than the one people was used to.

The drink list was studied with Andrea Paci, a well-know barman, that proposes the whole variety of Sanpellegrino’s Sparkling Beverages mixed with other ingredients, alcoholic and non. A tailor made service that  reflex each beverage personality.

Sanpellegrino’s beverages Mediterranean DNA, but also on the gastronomic sides. Starting from “Muffoletta”, a tasty street food widespread with different varieties around Sicily and takes its name from the elaboration process of this “panini”.

The chef Andrea Provenzani from Liberty Milano, winner in 2014 of the well-known Cous Cous Fest, signs the different cous-cous proposals seen as a main dish -with raw prawns, with fish or meat- a dish that was born from the simplicity of the tradition and joins all the populations that look towards the “Mare Nostrum”

And for the ones with the sweet tooth, cannot avoid the sweet creations that go from the artisan products from the bakery Martesana Milano, to the ice-cream fruits signed by Matteo Napoli, finishing with the crumbs of “cannolo” of Alfonso Bottone, made with local products from Monti Iblei.

An extraordinary mix of colours, perfumes and tastes that made Bar Meraviglia the ideal place where to take a pleasure pause from the frenetic city life and deep oneself in the Mediterranean … in Milan.