The Scotch Club project in New Delhi.

New Delhi-based Bora Da Designs has designed The Scotch Club

New Delhi-based Bora Da Designs has designed The Scotch Club, a premium wine shop project.

The client wanted to create a space that welcomed all genders into a sophisticated space, to encourage shopping and breaking several taboos at once. Despite its elegance, the client wanted to have energetic elements with high visibility and spaciousness.


The layout of the store is simple. It is an open and airy space to walk around and browse the products displayed. The cash counters placed around also define the display area and create a boundary for storage area of the store. It’s a simple airy space where one can walk in and browse with ease.

New Delhi-based Bora Da Designs has designed The Scotch Club


The colours are kept a homogenous mix of monochrome on floor with warm shades of wooden textures. The flooring has a beautiful organic style checkered flooring which runs across the large floor plate. This element in the store continues to blend with the wooden textures of the shelves and cash counter.
The cash counter seems to be continuing the monochrome story with its black marble cladded façade inset with the wooden textured frame. The various brands have their display stands set against the lengths of the walls adding their colours from their brand identity.

New Delhi-based Bora Da Designs has designed The Scotch Club


As required of this space, the store is well lit and also has abundant natural light from the large windows during the day. A round cove element has been incorporated right in the center of the store to give a hint of luxury factory with a large glass blown chandelier set in it. The various display stands of various brands all add to the light factor in the space with their low wattage accent lights.


Materials have been chosen keeping in mind the need of durability required in the space as the client expects a footfall of over 500 people a day. The tiles are full bod-ed and scratch resistance. The wooden shelves are all cladded in laminate for faster execution and longevity of the pieces. The façade is clad in marble look alike tile for a luxe factor.

Designers Bora Da Designs
Photos courtesy Kunal Khurana