AURORA penne inaugura una nuova boutique a Milano

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The historic Turin-based company Aurora Penne opens a new boutique in Milan, at number 17 Via San Pietro all’Orto.The project is part of the company’s investment plan and contributes to the qualitative development of the brand’s physical presence in Italy.

Aurora has chosen an address in Milan which is just a short walk from Via Monte Napoleone, a historic and exclusive space set in the “quadrilatero”, the world’s most famous luxury and fashion district. The prestigious location of the new flagship store will be the perfect setting to display and offer Italian and international customers the Company’s fine writing instruments and a selection of accessories.

Opening in Milan is a challenge. Now more than ever. We had been planning this for a very long time because Milan is a city where it’s important to be present. We were waiting for the perfect location to come along, and I don’t think they come any better than the “quadrilatero”. Our boutique aims to offer customers an immersive experience. We have also recently developed an e-commerce channel, with a view to using technology to bring the customer into the shop. Ours is a product of excellence, a handcrafted object to be admired up close and tried out in order to appreciate every detail, as well as its value. I am a great believer in the synergy with digital technology in preparation for the live experience” says Cesare Verona, Chairman and CEO of Aurora.

The design of the boutique was entrusted to the architect and designer Fernando Mosca, who worked to instill all the enthusiasm and passion conveyed by the company during the briefing phase into the environment.

Aurora opens a new boutique in Milan’s fashion district

Symbolic and significant, the inspiration behind the design concept is the stroke of the fountain pen. Charmingly and unpredictably, it is transformed first into the objects that furnish the shop and then brought to life in the writing instruments themselves, the absolute protagonists of a setting designed to make the most of each product.

The Milanese boutique occupies an area of approximately 60 square meters divided over two floors. The 45 square meter space on the ground floor is trendy, elegant, warm and welcoming, designed to host the display of the collections and sales; the gallery, on the upper floor, is an exclusive area, a place where you can breathe peace and quiet, dedicated to product customization, as well as events and unique experiences.

Aurora’s first boutique in Milan joins those already located in Rome and abroad, in Turkey, Iran and Mexico. The store is a new point of reference for Aurora collectors and enthusiasts in Italy, and represents a new area of communication which the brand intends to use for events and meetings.

Aurora opens a new boutique in Milan’s fashion district

Aurora is present in 300 dealerships throughout Italy – specialised shops, shop-in-shops, stationers and jewellers – and has an important distribution network in more than 50 countries worldwide.