GIO MORETTI’S Boutique, Milan.

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The owners of Gio Moretti’s boutique, the gentlemen Moretti, are notable collectors of modern and contemporary art pieces, but are also well known in the fashion industry around the all world. The architect Fernando Mosca is in charge of their boutique’s design since 1995.

The current design is the result of the expansion of the size. The original 450 sqm surface was enlarged since 1996: after different intervention to make it more spacious, is final area reaches today 1600 sqm. The shop is divided in three floors.

boutique Gio Moretti Milano Architetto Fernando Mosca

The ground one is dedicated to women cloths and accessories, while the men area is in the first basement. At the first floor can be found the “contemporary” collection.
The particularity of the boutique lies in the layout of a space dedicated to books and magazines, in the men area.

For this design, Fernando Mosca chose to focus on the choice of lights and materials.

boutique Gio Moretti Milano Architetto Fernando Mosca

The floor in Spanish “bianco paloma” sandstones responds to the table that almost looks like a sculpture. The ceiling is crossed by a continuous light and structural cuts that allows a certain homogeneity, also seen from any of the three floors. Those floors are linked by three different stairs.

A monumental staircase made of crystal parapets and steel handrails contributes, thanks to its lightness, transparency and brightness, to a feeling of alleviation of the structure, along with the sensation of more space and light. Plus, any of the three floors can be seen in the same time, creating a continuity in the volume’s aspect. The same materials are used for the other stairs, that are in the shape of a U.

The handrails interweave reflecting the light and each of the structural element turns into an aesthetic shape, thanks to a efficient use of the lightning.

boutique Gio Moretti Milano Architetto Fernando Mosca

The steps are only attached to a supporting central element, creating a feeling of suspension. Decorations are also in tune with the line and the looks of the stairs, giving a homogeneous but dynamic effect. There is also a link between the floors with a transparent elevator. This design is all about the feeling of continuity and space in the volumes.


He was born in Argentina and graduated from the Catholic University of Cordoba, He became a fully registered architect in Spain and was also enrolled on the EEA list of architects enabling him to practice his profession in the European Community.

From 1987 for eight years he worked with a group of architects in Milan, Carmellini and Magnoli Associates, developing projects in Italy and abroad. During this time he carried out much personal research  in the world of architecture and, after important, distinctive experience in the fashion, luxury hotel and residential sectors, he decided to set up his own studio.

Studio Mosca was founded in 1994 and immediately met the customer requirements by adopting an approach focused on the conceptual development of projects, and strongly based on  art and worldwide culture. His architectural profile took shape and found a strong base in the perfect balance between the rigour of  minimalist inclination and the use of highly technological, innovative materials alongside traditional ones; a formal balance in which the personal use of inspiration gives the  projects a  purely “spatial” appearance.

He is proud to high cooperation with important fashion brands such as Sergio Rossi, Gianni Versace, Jil Sander, Giovina Moretti, Frette, Al Duca D’Aosta, Cruciani, Boxeur Des Rues, The Swank a Hong Kong and the Ukrainian Cult Fashion Group.

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