GUTTERIDGE opens in Palermo

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A renewed store concept for the historic Anglo-Neapolitan brand.

In the center of Palermo, in via Ruggero Settimo, the first Gutteridge store opened, thus expanding the presence of the brand in Sicily.

GUTTERIDGE opens in Palermo

An inauguration that marks an important change for the brand, in support of a path of growth exponential of Gutteridge which over the years has established itself as an important player in the world of men’s clothing with a tailored style.

Red and white marbles, Vienna straw inserts and American walnut and brass finishes frame the new Gutteridge store, giving life to an exhibition concept aimed at further enhancing a product in continuous qualitative growth. Keep an eye on the environmental impact, thanks to totally LED lighting with reduced energy consumption and the use of packaging and shopping bags made with recycled paper.

The Capri Group, in fact, over the years has embarked on a direct path to the implementation of a structure and production processes aimed at achieving high levels of sustainability.

The commitment to sustainability in the production of garments and the important partnerships with the major producers of Italian tailoring fabrics are just the beginning of an evolutionary path for Gutteridge which, with this new store concept, is renewed and expanded.

GUTTERIDGE opens in Palermo

The new Gutteridge store represents a new sales experience in which the customer will experience new and engaging emotions, projected in an international concept and dedicated to a new dynamic man, determined who knows what he wants and wants to have it in the best way.

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