GEOX presents its revolutionary X STORE CONCEPT.

A project firmly anchored in the values of Sustainability, Breathability, Wellbeing and Technology GEOX  presents its new Xstore concept for the very first time.

The XStore design project is a clear indication of just how important advanced Technology (symbolised by the letter X) is to GEOX and it merges seamlessly with the other inspirational values of Italian Style, Contemporary Design, Sustainability and Wellbeing that Geox has always upheld.
retail design Geox Xstore concept

The new design preserves and enhances any existing architectural features such as glass windows, columns, ceilings and exposed brickwork, working them all into the new concept. Green materials and exclusive finishes which bear witness to Italian creativity and fine craftsmanship. An instance of this is the entrance door pierced with circular cut-outs, a clever reference to the holes on GEOX soles, symbolising the airiness which welcomes visitors as they step into this invitingly breezy and clean natural atmosphere..
retail design Geox Xstore conceptThe idea behind the architecture is based on space dematerialisation with flowing essential lines where furnishings are kept to a bare minimum in order to enhance the perception of breeziness and freshness. This is also emphasized with ceiling ventilators and special purifiers that improve air quality.

All the materials used -from the terracotta tiles to the natural wood- are compliant with Leed certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and also perfectly in keeping with the company’s commitment to the environment and respect for society.
retail design Geox Xstore conceptThe idea behind the new X-Store rests firmly on those two fundamental pillars of Breathing and Wellbeing and delivers an innovative and multi-sensorial shopping experience which exploits technology to totally engage all five senses.

Here an entire range of vital touchpoints elegantly interact with each other in symbiosis and come together harmoniously to inspire, guide and assist customers in their shopping experience; physical sensation and digital technology enmesh and transform Geox space into real “shops of the future”.

retail design Geox Xstore conceptThere are integrated digital screens and interactive displays where customers can customise their experience, find out more about an item, learn about the unique features of Geox products and tap directly into the advantages of an original product “without filters” whilst benefiting from the guidance of style recommendations shared by an entire community of Geox fans.

WiFi and free charging stations located in the fitting rooms have been made available to customers where they can access the entire Geox catalogue.

This new concept is further proof of the huge importance that the Veneto-based company (holder of thirty-five exclusive patents and 10 more recent patent applications vouching for footwear breathability and water-tightness) has always given to technology.

This is a brand-new approach to retail. As soon as customers cross the threshold of a GEOX store, they breathe, see and absorb the values which inspire the corporate design philosophy and mission day by day, gaining insight into its immense motivation to constantly improve quality and performance. Its ultimate goal is to achieve day-to-day excellence, not only in terms of what the customers wear, but also in terms of real coherence between urban life and the ethics of sustainability.

All Geox’s collections and its patented technologies can be found in the stores, starting from the groundbreaking Nebula sneaker with its 3D-breathability system, then there is Amphibiox, a product line that ensures total water-tightness and breathability whatever the weather as well as the Cuoio line, a patented range which delivers a quintessential natural material like leather with all the qualities of water-tightness and breathability. Then, the kidswear range, specially designed for children to make sure that each step they take helps them to grow up healthy and strong. All the collections rest on Geox’s four guiding principles: wellbeing, quality, comfort and style.

Menswear and womenswear clothing collections are also on offer, a line of outerwear which benefits from Geox’s patented breathable technology.Il nuovo X-Store mette in risalto il connubio Breathing&Wellbeing svelando un’esperienza di acquisto innovativa e multisensoriale nella quale  la tecnologia coinvolge il consumatore a 360°.

Una famiglia completa di touchpoint elegantemente integrati, dinamici e interattivi, contribuisce in modo sinergico ad ispirare, guidare ed assistere i clienti durante la loro esperienza in negozio; ed è proprio l’integrazione tra sensazione fisica e tecnologia digitale a trasformare gli spazi GEOX in veri e propri “negozi del futuro”.


The Geox group operates in the classic and casual footwear sector for men, women and kids in the average-high price bracket as well as in the clothing sector. Geox owes its success to its constant product focus and its application of innovative and technological solutions which bring about breathability and water-tightness. All Geox’s future-growth strategies are based on ongoing technological innovation.

Geox is one of the major world players on the international lifestyle-casual footwear market. Geox technology is protected by 35 different patents and by 10 more recent patent applications.

Geox was born in Italy but it has always an international vocation: over 70% of its revenues comes from more than 110 different foreign countries.

The Group has a diversified distribution strategy in the various markets to ensure that the brand is promoted consistently for each end consumer: on the 31st of March 2017, Geox was present with a distribution network of about 10,000 multi-brand stores and 1134 single-brand shops worldwide.

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