New Kiton boutique in Rome

B+Architects progetta la nuova boutique Kiton di Roma

In the heart of the capital, in via del Babuino 22, opens the new Kiton boutique in Rome, designed by B+Architects.

The 160 square meter space  is spread over two floors  and fits, in a gentle and elegant way, into the historic building with the utmost respect for the architectural pre-existence. 

new Kiton boutique in Rome designed by B+Architects

The façade, with large shop windows on the ground floor that offer complete visibility of the interior, is preserved and enhanced. On the first floor, the typical windows are softened by planters and small curtains that help to create a comfortable and relaxed indoor atmosphere.  

Interior spaces

The interior spaces, designed in harmony with the concept, are declined in a particularly linear and light way, so as not to overwhelm and weigh down the small dimensions of the space..  

new Kiton boutique in Rome designed by B+Architects

A palette of neutral colors and soft finishes, textured fabrics, small touches of Canaletto walnut wood with a special natural finish, metals with particular nickel tones create a relaxed, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.  

Many of the fabrics used in the concept are those that Kiton usually inserts inside the jackets, too precious not to be enhanced in a customized furnishing element. 

One of the key elements of the concept is represented by the possibility that the equipment  would be used indifferently for men’s and women’s collections.  

Display system

The furniture for the display of the product is designed to be used flexibly, with maximum freedom of preparation, everything is designed to flow and change. 

new Kiton boutique in Rome designed by B+Architects

Always present is the pattern that makes the Kiton brand unmistakable, a distinctive element of the concept studied by B+Architects in this store represented by decorative installations made with a mix of some of the most precious fabrics of the brand.   


The lighting has been designed to ensure maximum visual comfort and the lighting fixtures equipped with LEDs at high color rendering which allow a perfect visualization of the product.  

The high-resolution monitor, deliberately of discrete size, is harmoniously inserted, blending with the atmosphere of the store, showing dynamic images of the Kiton lifestyle.   

new Kiton boutique in Rome designed by B+Architects

On the ground floor there is a large fitting room area, ideally dedicated to women; a real small VIP room where you can try and choose in a relaxed atmosphere and with maximum comfort.   

The internal staircase that connects the two floors is one of the architectural elements of greatest impact, the result of a restyling of the existing historical staircase. The original metal structure has been laid bare and enhanced with a special burnishing and waxing treatment obtaining an essential but very refined effect. 

The B+ Architects studio continues to develop numerous other projects of the brand that will open new stores in London, New York, Zurich and Shanghai and in other important locations in 2022. 

Location Rome
Design B+Architects
Photos courtesy Matteo Gebbia


B+Architects studio, founded in 1999 by the architect Bruna Galbusera, deals with Architecture, interior design, conservative restoration and competitions. In particular, over the years he has specialized in the field of luxury retail designing more than 500 boutiques for well-known brands including Loro Piana and Kiton. The union of ideas and the mixture of different creative areas are the real strength of the group and the numerous collaborations, in Italy and abroad, have contributed to enriching the experience in the management of each phase of the project, from the conception of the concept to the final result. Particular attention is paid to the management of technical aspects generating a true integrated design.

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