Restaurant Design: àPetit, a celebration of flavor.

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àPetit is a small restaurant in Aosta, bringing some of the most delicious examples of Italian regional street food into a compact 40-square-meter venue (430 square feet). A miniature culinary paradise, for which lamatilde curated the concept, interiors, and visual and communication design.

àPetit’s interior design and visual identity are composed in a flamboyant language, with striking bold colors and soft shapes that give the space a distinct personality.

restaurant design àPetit Aosta

The ceramic, terrazzo-like surfaces are the key material in the overall design,  and extend from the floor to custom furniture. The pattern’s subdued gray-beige complements and adds chromatic contrast to the walls, tables and chairs, where mint green and red color-blocking was used to create a dynamic and friendly place.

Visuals also maintain a vivid and colorful aesthetic, with a Pop reinterpretation of the festoons that decorate traditional village fairs, recalling their convivial and festive atmosphere.

The counter and shelves showcase some of the products on the menu. The high custom tables and the stools – Riley Soft by Connubia inside, and Nolita by Pedrali for the outdoor area – were designed and chosen to convey a convivial vibe and to reinforce the casual concept of the restaurant, in line with àPetit’s gastronomic selection.

restaurant design àPetit Aosta

Thanks to the multidisciplinary work blending interior, graphic and communication design, lamatilde has brought to life a full-fledged experience – even between the walls of this small space. Colors, custom-made furniture and graphics all perfectly tie in with the young and informal gastronomic concept offered by àPetit. 

Location Aosta
Concept, interior and visual lamatilde
Area 40 sqm
Photos courtesy Pepe Fotografia

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