The Fine Boundary Between Art And Retail – Kvk City Concept Store

KVK City Concept Store

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ATMOSPHERE Architects has designed a New KVK Concept Store in Chengdu, China. Through a futuristic and mysterious proposal, the project creates a new perspective of the jewellery store space in Chendu’s Jingronghui shopping centre.

The design aims to dismantle and convey the reorganized philosophy of art through the design language.

KVK City Concept Store

Tommy Yu, chief designer of ATMOSPHERE Architects, uses the concept of “Modularity” to realize the penetration of context, so as to complete the change and reconstruction of spatial content.

KVK City Concept Store

A gridded black framework is installed across the interior ceiling and matched below by white floor tiles. The top light penetrates the room from above and falls on the white floor tiles. Several modules are arranged one by one from top to bottom, surrounded by double arcs to realize matrix space construction.

Flexibility is also a very important concept for the project. The central exhibition cabinet is made up of an array of modules that can be moved and spliced ​​together, complemented by different curved stand designs.

Project: KVK City Concept Store
Project Location: Chengdu, China
Area: 180 sqm
Design Firm: ATMOSPHERE Architects
Chief Designer: Tommy Yu
Design Team: April Lo, Chloe Chen, Mao Mao
Lighting Solution: ArtLuci x Owen
Wall Craft Solution: Souls
Installation Art: Studio Potpourri
Photos courtesy: Chuan He from Here Space

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