El Departamento designs Nude Project’s first international flagship store in Milan

El Departamento designs Nude Project's first international flagship store in Milan

The architectural and interior design studio El Departamento has unveiled its latest creation in Milan – the new flagship store for the rapidly growing Spanish streetwear brand, Nude Project. Spanning 98 sqm, the space draws inspiration from classic Italian buildings and signifies a major international leap for both entities.

Nude Project's flagship store in Milan - essence of traditional italian buildings

Located in one of Milan’s main commercial arteries, El Departamento has crafted Nude Project’s first overseas store at Porta Ticinese 64, a historic gateway transformed into a contemporary meeting point. This store represents a significant international expansion for both the studio and the fashion brand, following their successful collaborations on physical retail locations in Spain and the design of Nude Project’s headquarters in Barcelona.

The essence of traditional Italian buildings

The conceptualization of the space addresses the challenge of enhancing the brand’s reputation while concurrently realizing an architectural project befitting Milan, the global fashion capital. The result is the concept ‘Il Palazzo’, through which El Departamento has encapsulated the essence of traditional Italian buildings by incorporating seven distinctive elements that exude luxury and sophistication.

Seven distinctive elements exude luxury and sophistication

The first element, ‘Il Tappeto’, defines the most distinguished area of the store housing the premium outfit displays and fitting rooms. Its floors are adorned with a bespoke carpet, paying homage to the essential role of carpets in the homes of Milan’s high bourgeoisie.

The second one speaks about ‘Il Tavolo e la Fontana‘. Drawing inspiration from tradition, the studio has designed a centerpiece in the exhibition area where a fountain harmonizes the environment with its sound. The piece is surrounded by an exhibition table that embraces its entire perimeter.

The third element introduced by El Departamento is ‘Il Lampadario’. Large decorative lamps, essential in northern Italian buildings, have been custom designed for Nude Project, illuminating the space with the brand’s initials hovering over the fountain.

The fourth element, ‘Il Cassettone’, takes center stage as the most potent piece. The design of a faux coffered ceiling, reinterpreted for contemporary reality, is constructed with suspended plasterboard uprights in a grid formation, backlighting the final artwork of each panel.

The fifth element is represented by the ‘Lo Specchio’ area. El Departamento has reimagined the presence of large mirrors in Italian palaces through velvetframed mirrors, strategically backlighting them at key points in the store.

Nude Project's first international flagship store in Milan

‘Il Tessuto’ refers to the chosen textiles dressing the space. Two large-scale curtains, symmetrical and over three meters tall, conceal the fitting rooms. Their aesthetics evoke the noble textiles traditionally used in classic palaces.

Finally, ‘Il Giardinetto’ is the seventh element that structures the space. The presence of nature materializes in two imposing stainless-steel planters, serving as an allegory of noble Italian gardens.

With the opening of Nude Project Milano at Porta Ticinese 64, El Departamento has seamlessly merged Italian heritage with the brand’s contemporary vision. This project marks a significant achievement for both companies, solidifying their standing as influential figures in the fields of design and fashion on the global stage.

Location: Porta Ticinese 64, Milan
Area: 98 sqm
Architecture & Interior Design: El Departamento, Alberto Eltini & Marina Martín
Photo credits: Miguel Fernández-Galiano