El Departamento continues with the openings of the new series of optical boutiques designed for PJ. Lobster

El Departamento continues with the openings of the new series of optical boutiques designed for PJ. Lobster

The architecture and interior design studio El Departamento designs the third optical boutique of the year for the PJ. Lobster brand, this time in the Eixample district of Barcelona. A new spatial concept that aligns with the brand’s expansion strategy and enhances its consolidation in the visual health sector.

El Departamento continues with the openings of the new series of optical boutiques designed for PJ. Lobster

Following recent openings in Madrid and Barcelona, the architecture and interior design studio El Departamento launches the latest optical boutique for PJ. Lobster in the Eixample district of Barcelona. In an ancient noble building with eclectic Catalan style from the early 20th century, the space harmonizes
the high-tech nature of the brand with a strong rationalist character, blending minimalism with substantial materiality. It is a dual space that embodies the maturity point El Departamento has reached.

In the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample, the iconic upscale area of the city, El Departamento unveils its latest retail treasure. The ground floor, historically hosting a well-known local fruit store, features a distinctive stone façade with four large arches connecting the two sides of the establishment. This monumental space, with a square morphology and a free height of over 5 meters, is structured around a central pillar dividing the area into four quadrants, one of them with a mezzanine.

On the other hand, the four grand arches not only serve as a monumental window connecting the interior and exterior in both directions but also act as a key focal point of the project. They display, in a lattice-like manner, the custom-designed stainless-steel shelves by the studio. These are self-supporting shelves that delicately resolve the necessary mechanics to be illuminated and stand upright. Moreover, El Departamento intentionally avoids the entrance from the corner of the space, opting for the main access through the arch attached to the party wall, emphasizing the majesty of the building’s entrance.

The walls of the space have been coated with a historical lime mortar in a bluish-gray shade. An architectural feature that alludes to the collective imaginary association with Barcelona’s high society and its “blue blood,” as traditionally, this sector has historically occupied this part of the city. Tubular elements of stainless-steel integrate as monolithic blocks for furniture, mirrors, shelves and stairs, maintaining visual harmony and coherence. The nobility of the space extends to the silver travertine floor, where its grayish tone dialogues with the vertical surfaces, ceiling and steel furniture.

optical boutique PJ. Lobster in Barcelona

El Departamento’s attention to detail is evident in every corner of the space through custom-designed furniture. The Munt 330 stools appear as millimetric pieces capturing the elegance of their simplicity. Meanwhile, the Blong side table, also present in the Born and Madrid optical boutiques, takes center stage in the space.

Since its inception in 2017, El Departamento has revolutionized the world of retail architecture, in addition to outstanding work in residential projects and contract spaces such as offices or restaurants. Over these years, it has successfully established itself among digital-native clients in its transition to physical spaces, collaborating with brands like Nude Project, Pompeii, Lady Pipa, or Salsa Jeans, among others.

El Departamento designs optical boutiques for PJ. Lobster

Location 330 Muntaner Street | 08021 Barcelona
Area 80 sqm
Design El Departamento
Architects Alberto Eltini and Marina Martín
Photos courtesy José Hevia