DIVINCENZO Boutique, Naples

Studio Dueminimo firma il progetto per la boutique Divincenzo

Designed by architects Janne Ballone and Alberto Guarriello (Studio Dueminimo), the entire structure was planned to host the new Neapolitan venue of the DIVINCENZO boutique, founded in 1997 and which nowadays offers an array of 200 luxury and contemporary brands, both menswear and womenswear.

Architects Janne Ballone and Alberto Guarriello previously developed numerous retail projects in the Neapolitan territory, mostly working on structures to be adapted for new purposes. For this occasion, Marinella and Vincenzo, owners of the DIVINCENZO boutique, decided to commission the design of an entire building with the only purpose being the sale of nearly 200 luxury and contemporary brands, while also serving as the corporate headquarters. This is an 360° project, with the goal of meeting both sales and logistics needs.

Basic yet rigorous shapes

The structure is located in the suburbs of Naples and it is developed on an underground level and two outer floors. The shapes are basic yet rigorous, as a result of an “add and subtract” work, to allow indoor spaces to take advantage of the natural light coming from windows, bow window and skylights.

Boutique Divincenzo

The lines defining the exterior keep tracing the indoor areas, where surfaces turn into intertwining volumes that shape every corner, designing views and perspectives that enhance and emphasize the furnishing and the exhibition of the goods on sale. The monochromatic interior is characterized by the use, both on horizontal and vertical surfaces, of clay products that transmit a feeling of hospitality, thanks to their raw texture.

The space is delineated by its double heights, its views, its vertical connection, its steel supporting strucure, clearly visible from the outside and the inside, with its characteristic pillars and exposed beams. The dynamism of this area is even more evident when walking  from the ground floor to the womenswear room, via the iron and travertine marble stairs with a glass balustrade.

progetto per la boutique DIVINCENZO

A special attention was reserved to the design of the interior, from hangers and seating areas, where details define the shapes and the stature of of each interior design element, intended as continuous and complementary with regards to the architectural shell. The final result is a welcoming, intimate and elegant space.

Location Naples, Italy
Area 585 mq
Design Architects Janne Ballone e Alberto Guarriello (Studio Dueminimo)

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