Drive-over step lights

Illuminazione outdoor

L&L Luce&Light has always paid great attention to its products’ quality and technological development, and it is expanding its offer of outdoor fixtures with the new Goccia family of drive-over step lights, conceived to meet the design needs of lighting professionals. Available in two looks, round and square, and three sizes, 26 mm, 45 mm and 70 mm, and with a diffuse output that guarantees excellent visual comfort, Goccia has been designed to offer effective outdoor way guidance on driveways, walkways or passageways, and stairways, in private homes and hospitality settings. Goccia is a versatile fixture that can be installed flush with the surface, using an outer casing, and is also suitable for wall mounting in order to produce artistic, emotive and communicative lighting.

A Goccia (drop) of light

Its built-in mixing chamber means that its light output is uniform and consistent, while its resin body, rated IP65 and IP68, entirely prevents the ingress of dust and liquids. Similarly, IK10 protection provides maximum impact resistance. The NBR nitrile rubber O-rings ensure the fixture’s protection ratings are preserved, guaranteeing continued reliability.

Drive-over step lights

Goccia uses mid-power LEDs and mid-power multichip RGB LEDs. The white LED colour versions include a 2200K warm white that respects the circadian cycles of people and animals, while the LED colour mixing in the RGB versions meets even the most creative design requirements. So many features, packed into a tiny “Goccia” of light.

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