Visual merchandising – Floral splash at Printemps

Using flowers as a signal that it’s spring has long been one of the keystones of visual merchandising.

It is not often however that something along the lines of what has been done in Parisian department store Printemps is undertaken. At the entrance to the store there is a bench with mannequins sitting on it.

There is nothing terribly unusual in this perhaps, but in place of heads these figures have large floral arrangements. The effect is striking and ushers in the new season with a floral swoosh. Look beyond this and next to the escalator, a white floral rabbit waits to further greet the shopper.

visual merchandising at Printemps

This is somewhat reminiscent of US artist Jeff Koon’s giant green puppy at the ingress to the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. All in all, there is nothing hugely novel about any of this, but it is the execution and attention to detail that make this worth pausing and taking a longer look at. It also injects a degree of craft into what is a very slick upscale interior.