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Antonio Mollo recently has completed the interior project for I-CAPONE Hair Stylist in Naples, Italy. The design project wraps the space and the person with white lines of Barrisol.

I-Capone_Hair_Stilist_Napoli-by-mollo-architetturaI-CAPONE HAIR STYLIST Naples

Project I Capone Hair Stylist
Location Naples, Italy
Area 80 smq

Antonio Mollo gets his artistic maturity in Naples and graduated at the Faculty of Architecture. He is applied to the Department of Architectural and Environmental Planning of the College of architecture of Naples Federico II.

Italian and abroad tours allow the deep various themes of contemporary architecture, for architectural and urban design, landscape architecture, interior design, fitting and communication. He got in touch with architects, engineers, graphic designers and artists gatering their knowledge to solve problems related to technical, management and contemporary design studio.

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