Bartorelli Jewellery in Forte dei Marmi.

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Studio Simonetti projects the new boutique in the central via Spinetti.

project for the Jewellery Bartorelli

The project for the Jewellery Bartorelli in Forte dei Marmi started from two elements: a story of a unique holiday, with sports cars, autochthnous playboys and trendiest singers that make glamorous all the summer nights; the legendary 60s emphasized by their elegance, pure appearances, glazed colors, for evening walks among selected boutiques; in addition to the atmosphere of the place, which, thanks to its geographical position maintained alive the spirit of past years.

project for the Jewellery Bartorelli

The mountains of Garfagnana, the marble quarries of Carrara, combined with the meticulous human works enriched the Forte country side.

Then, they thought to a new Bartorelli Boutique, reflecting the Riccione House, which used local marble for the flooring, and essential shopwindows, in a refined place to receive the most demanding customer spending time in Forte.

To seal the exclusivity of this boutique, a special area devoted to the watchmaking Patek Philippe, wholly equipped by the prestigious brand and exclusively for Maison Bartorelli, who cooperates with the exclusive designer label watches.


Bartorelli Jewellery in Forte dei Marmi represents, as all the store of the Chain, a unique boutique appealing for luxury and elegance, and a component of the history of the great names in Forte. Studio Simonetti architectural office projected and designed the interiors for other Bartorelli Italian sales points situated in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Riccione, Milano Marittima and Pesaro.


Born in 1972 from the creative idea of Massimo Simonetti, the architectural office represents the reference point for important projects in the hospitality and restoration sectors. The works cover the design of  new concepts, folllowing different characters, with a unique leitmotiv described in the refined atmosphere and strong identity. The interdisciplinary team of architects, designers and skilled partners follows masterplanning, architecture and design concerning hotels, restaurants, retail, industries and entertainment, facing each project with the know how in creativity paying attention both on results and budget.

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Photos courtesy Diego Taroni