KOPI Jewellery Boutique in Warsaw

Progetto di interior design per la Gioielleria KOPI

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Noke Architects designed the KOPI Jewellery Boutique in Warsaw.

When walking into KOPI boutique in Warsaw, one can immediately feel like in a luxurious Moroccan tent in the middle of a desert.

Natalia Kopiszka, the designer and founder of the brand, found the inspiration to create this unique interior during her travels to Morocco and French Riviera.

Noke Architects designed the KOPI Jewellery Boutique in Warsaw

The ones who made Natalia’s vision come true were Noke Architects, who are famous for their refined attention to detail. “Our aim was to create an interior that would give clients a completely immersive experience. The soft, irregular shapes of KOPI jewelry and the designer’s holiday inspirations were our starting point”, says the Noke Architects duet: Karol Pasternak and Piotr Maciaszek.

The characteristic storefront was designed in accordance with directives from the designs of the building from the 20s. Streamlined counter, dim Moroccan pink and terracotta along with a wall that looks like it was made of desert sand create a perfect background for the jewelry, making all of the KOPI collections shine.

The desert-like atmosphere was achieved mainly through the placement of the wavy wall behind the counter which was made by artists with great attention to detail. It is covered with a thick coat of sand and painted with matte mineral paints. The characteristic recesses in the wall resemble cavities in rocks of the Atlas Mountains, making a perfect background for the organic forms of vases and candles.

The wooden floor is oil finished to match the shade of the dark red ceiling. Illuminated with Molto Luce lamps, the ceiling resembles a starry night sky. The lamps, small in size but very bright, provide the best conditions for jewelry exposition. The mirrors alluding to the first KOPI’s collections inspired by the shape of a woman’s body will become a part of the brand’s permanent offer. The dais made of pink Sakura marble complements other details of the interior such as the counter and the trays, which exhibit the smallest elements of the jewelry.

Noke Architects designed the KOPI Jewellery Boutique in Warsaw

“We wanted to take a different approach to the elements of the exposition – that is how we came up with the idea to create a long minimalist ribbon which seems to levitate in front of the curtain” – explains Karol from Noke Architects. The unobvious metal element is perfect for presenting necklaces and neckerchiefs from KOPI’s collections and the upholstered jewelry trays made of soft velour correspond with the wavy shapes of the interior. Heavy curtains, upholstered seats and poufs create a remarkable, exotic atmosphere that is so unique for a jewelry boutique.

The color palette associated with warm travel memories brings to mind the colors that are most associated with the brand. The matching shades of the curtains, parquet and walls create a hypnotizing total look effect. That effect gives not only a unique shopping experience but also lets clients escape reality for a moment and fully immerse in the world of KOPI.

Location Warsaw
Area 22 sqm
Architecture Firm NOKE Architects
Design Team Karol Pasternak, Piotr Maciaszek, Michał Niedośpiał
Photo credits Nate Cook, Piotr Maciaszek

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