SPAGHETTI 360° concept store

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Welcome to the new Spaghetti 360°. The World of Linear Connection that creates the perfect social platform for a sensational and chic dining experience.

Clifton Leung Design Workshop

Inspired by the linear pattern of the Spaghetti 360° logo, the brand new restaurant image capitalizes on the iconic linear pattern, to create a visually astounding façade and interior.  The striking color palette in red, black, white and brown creates a strong and recognizable brand presence.

Clifton Leung Design Workshop

The design symbolizes a perfect fusion of the western and Japanese design elements. Stone, a traditional material in Japan, is applied on the focal feature wall, where symbolic and modern graphic of Spaghetti 360’s signature dishes are engraved onto the stone panels.

Beam lighting design further strengthens the Japanese look. While the chic chair design in black and red, the light wood color tables with creative scrabble graphics, the captivating linear pattern, all adds a modern touch to the overall design.

Clifton Leung Design Workshop

Clifton Leung Design Workshop   offers a fully personalized, one-stop interior design and build services for both commercial and residential clients who wish to stand out from the crowd through fine aesthetics, innovative use of smart home and retail technology.

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