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This Magistral brand is what comes from mixing together the chemist’s founder’s speciality with his daughter’s focus on beauty.

MARKETING-JAZZ designed the Magistral Pharmacy in Murcia

The result is a beautiful, warm, cheerful, functional and modern pharmacy with a magical touch overhead. The architecture of the building itself provides the frame for the storefront’s style. Sometimes it is just the lettering, the placement of the store’s signboard that makes it stand out.

MARKETING-JAZZ designed the Magistral Pharmacy in Murcia

Sometimes it’s the mix of materials, or again the use of colors, the enhanced effect of lighting that transforms a storefront or a signboard into a winning image, one that has presence and unforgettable style.

MARKETING-JAZZ designed the Magistral Pharmacy in Murcia

Designers and Visual Marketing Marketing-Jazz – Madrid
Location Murcia, Spain
Area 50 sqm
Photos courtesy Ikuo Maruyama

is the Spanish leading firm in visual marketing. Created in 2002 by Carlos Aires focuses in creating new retail concepts to increase sales. Offers an integrated and creative design. Branding and communication. Training and providing specialized expertise in visual merchandising.

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