The Importance Of The Sign In The Brand Identity.

The Importance Of The Sign In The Brand Identity.

📅09 Febbraio 2016, 11:37

Since 2014, the first Italian channel of beauty and health stores, EQUì, has launched a business project concerning new openings and rebranding processes of the historic shops and it has entrusted Hintegra – contractor retail specialised in the planning and realisation of points of sale – with the development of a concept store able to strengthen the brand identity.


In this context, NovaPubblicità Sign Production is the ideal partner to create the elements which mainly enhance the brand and characterise the store: starting from the signs outside the shop and at the entrance, which draw the attention of the customer pointing out the health and beauty store and facilitating the identification of the brand.

The points of sale feature a sign with flat bright letters behind the shop windows and a combined sign placed at the entrance and composed of a perforated bright box which is matched with ultrathin bright letters positioned on its front.


Inside the shop, graphics on digital print panels are placed all along the walls: they show the different product areas, accompany and guide the customer in a pleasantly simplified shopping experience. The prints are interlaced with flat bright signs which represent the brand.

In the selection of the more suitable style, materials and product type, Nova Pubblicità satisfied the request of minimum thicknesses and high brightness, according both with the concept store and with the brand which requires lightness and incisiveness.


Cold light LEDs are used for the lighting system of all the signs, since they convey the sensation of a bright and aseptic environment, just as it should be in the stores of medical-health products.

NovaPubblicità-Sign Production Srl

NovaPubblicità Sign Production is the partner of general contractors and retail designers in the carrying out of projects for concept stores, points of sale and corners: it designs, produces and customises a wide range of indoor and outdoor signs, led panels, light boxes and graphics. It inserts itself as a product supplier for the bright visual communication within teams aimed at the development and the implementation of formats and visual merchandising projects for the shop branding. 

Client CE’QUì S.p.a.
Project Hintegra – Store Service Srl  
Sign Producer  NovaPubblicità-Sign Production Srl  

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