A shoe shop starring Robot the Entertainer.

A shoe shop starring Robot the Entertainer.

📅09 Febbraio 2017, 14:00

QRunning claims it is the concept of an innovative shoe shop. Here buying shoes is now a relaxed event, while robots do the work and do this in front of an audience.

K.U.L.T.OBJEKT qrunning concept store

Watch others working – it’s possible in the sports shoe store QRunning. Here, you can watch robots seek out the right shoes in the right size from thousands of shoe boxes in a store and give them to the customers to try on.
The store is laid out like an arena: there is a lounge area in the middle. Here you can try on shoes, browse through digital ranges, talk shop and watch the robots.

The robots are busy in the background in openly visible goods stores – there where the audience is seated in an arena – with seeking out the models and sizes ordered by the visitors via pressing a button or QR scan. After locating, grasping – the robot can carry six to eight shoe boxes – and handing out the models precisely, the robot retreats to give the customer room to try on shoes. And take the chosen models to the cash desk or even again scan other models – it’s guaranteed that he or she will not encounter unfriendly sales staff, because the robots are markedly patient…

K.U.L.T.OBJEKT qrunning concept store

The model format QRunning was developed by K.U.L.T.OBJEKT Marken- und Erlebnisarchitektur. The pick and pack robots Toru Cube come from the start up robotics company Magazino from Munich, with whom a cooperation agreement was concluded. Toru Cube is capable of navigating freely in a charted store and, thanks to safety sensor technology, cannot only react to obstacles but also operate safely with people in the same work area.

The complete concept is presented at the EuroShop at the K.U.L.T.OBJEKT stand in Halle 10 / G42.


The interdisciplinary agency for brand and experience architecture K.U.L.T.OBJEKT develops expressive, differentiated store concepts and experience space for retail, museums and showrooms. The concepts are developed in close agreement with the operators, and implemented up to the turnkey handover by the company as general contractors.

K.U.L.T.OBJEKT combines dramaturgical and scenographic methods from film and theatre with psychological findings from neuromarketing as well as the long term experience in retail and brand management. K.U.L.T.OBJEKT makes intensive use of modern technologies both for room design concepts and on the shop floors themselves. This is where the company defines one of its USPs.

Currently, K.U.L.T.OBJEKT is researching concepts which melt the real world with the virtual world in the retail shops and put augmented reality to functional use. For the first time, K.U.L.T.OBJEKT as exhibitor at the EuroShop 2017 will present insights into the range of services of the company which is often hailed as an insider tip in the sector.

Images:© K.U.L.T.OBJEKT

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