CRC shopfitting solutions: 65 years of work and achievements.

CRC shopfitting solutions: 65 years of work and achievements.

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CRC is a company founded in 1949 with a 65-year history. It started as a handcrafted body shop in Milan producing at the beginning the first prototypes for cars “Alfa-Romeo”, and then the components for “IBM”, “Siemens”, “Olivetti” computers.

CRC shopfitting solutions

In the 60s CRC started to produce metal shelving. Later there were the first modular furniture for shops, simple and practical proposals that allowed to be realized at industrial level in two plants, one with 6000 sqm for metal elements and the other with 2500 sqm for wood elements.

CRC shopfitting solutions

A long experience gained over time with high consideration for the customer’s needs and the trends of the market allows CRC to develop operational and organizational skills able to carry out customized works and supply complete settings suitable for different categories FOOD and NO FOOD outlets.

A history and a development that led CRC to supply the turnkey solutions and the most complete and advanced contracts. For commercial exhibitions of small, medium and large surfaces, in Italy but especially worldwide


Design, production, innovation and settings to furnish shops and commercial spaces in Italy and worldwide. A great ability for productive development of various materials; metal, wood, glass, aluminum and plexiglass.

A strong collaboration with Italian and foreign partners for the development of revolutionary concepts to protect the quality of the made in Italy design in the world. A wide experience of designing and devising lines of various, beautiful, and functional products, with flexible use, suitable for both modular and customized mountings with small, medium and large sizes.

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