CRC – 70th Anniversary.

CRC – 70th Anniversary.

📅21 Giugno 2019, 14:29

This important milestone for CRC Company is not an arrival point but an encouragement for exponential growth in addition to the grand-opening of the newest prestigious showroom.

CRC  70th Anniversary

Celebrating a goal is the way to look at the past and being proud for the achievements and a mean to continue in the best possible way.

CRC boasts on beginnings, attempts, challenges and passion worth to be mentioned. Founded in 1949 it started as handcrafted body shop in Milan, producing the first prototypes for “Alfa-Romeo” cars, and further manufacturing computers devices for IBM, Siemens, and Olivetti.

In the 60s CRC started to produce metal shelving, and later the first modular furniture for sales pints, easy and practical proposal that allowed to be realized at industrial level on both the two plant in Caronno Pertusella; the first spreads on over 6,000 sqm for metal processes while the other one on 2,500 sqm for wood components.

New CRC showroom

A very long experience gained over time with high consideration for the customer’s needs and the market trends which allowed CRC to develop operational and organizational skills to carry out customized works and supply complete fitting for different FOOD and NO FOOD stores.

A history and a development that led CRC to supply the turnkey solutions also, and the most complete and advanced contract for small and medium and large retail areas throughout Italy and worldwide.

CRC  70th Anniversary

During the Anniversary celebration, attended by over 200 people, Mr Fabio Pedroni Ratti and Mrs Selma Bentayeb, life partners and  CRC’s CEO and Sales and Marketing Manager, emphasized the authority of the Group which operating in conformity to high standards of ethics and excellence increased with empathy between customers and suppliers.

In conclusion, Mr Fabio Pedroni Ratti affirms: “Only a solid Company as we are today can imagine a future, thanks to many people who have shared with us sweat and tears. Their contribution was decisive and with this extraordinary mix now we can celebrate our first Seventy Years.”I

The newest CRC showroom

It rises up near Milan, in Caronno Pertusella (Varese), via Lodi 190.  The new showroom covers an area of about 600 sqm and it offers all the shopfitting solutions designed and manufactured by CRC Company.

New CRC showroom

The wide and elegant place hosts modular or customized shopfitting solutions suitable for any commercial area. CRC meets every commercial request for FOOD or NO FOOD stores.

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