Pachamama, an Argentinian Oasis in the Heart of Montreal.

Pachamama, an Argentinian Oasis in the Heart of Montreal.

📅19 Luglio 2017, 13:15

A keynote space signed ISSADESIGN.

This Fast Good restaurant is the first of its kind. The concept immerged by creating the perfect marriage between fast service and casual dining, the whole tinted with an Argentinian spice. The project faced a tight schedule and was designed on a tight budget. Innovative solutions helped create this lively space with colors and textures inspired by the South American country.

Issadesign retail food pachamama montreal
Upon entering the space, a long banquette accented with Argentinian pillows highlights an old brick wall, defining the historical past of the building. Two intimate banquettes near the window allow friends and foodies to gather and join the ongoing festivities of the neighborhood. The open view onto the kitchen let consumers admire the handcrafting of empanadas before indulging their order.
Issadesign retail food pachamama montrealThe abundance the cacti and succulents are a small reminiscence of the mountainous Argentinian landscapes. The use of various vibrant colors and the different textured layers of the menu boards create a dynamic and invigorating place.

By day, natural daylight floods the dining room, uniting hip professionals for a quick afternoon snack. As night falls, a Latin vibe with warm dim lighting invites locals for festive evenings.

Location: The Village, Montreal, QC
Area: 1,090 sq.ft. / 95 sq.m.
Design: ISSADESIGN, design de l’environnement intégré
General Contractor: Christau Construction
Flooring: Epoxy Plus
Woodworking: DCorp Concept
Photographer: Atelier AP

ISSADESIGN is an environmental design agency specializing in the fields of institutional, corporative, commercial and residential design. Their areas of expertise include creative consultation, interior planning and design, and architecture.


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