Yann Lecoadic and Alessandro Scotto designed Boucheron’s boutique in Moscow.

Yann Lecoadic and Alessandro Scotto designed Boucheron’s boutique in Moscow.

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Parisian architect duo Yann Lecoadic and Alessandro Scotto were recently tasked with developing the architectural concept for Boucheron boutiques.

To that end, Lecoadic-Scotto tailored an architectural concept embodying French classicism and Parisian practices from the company’s original location at Place Vendôme.

Since Boucheron was the first jeweller to set up shop at Place Vendôme in 1893, Lecoadic-Scotto wanted to create an emblematic, signature concept representative of its identity.

Lo studio LECOADIC SCOTTO firma la boutique BOUCHERON di Mosca

It was precisely this unique architectural context that inspired the boutiques’ exteriors. The materials were carefully selected in light, neutral colours to capture the light and showcase the extraordinary jewellery, with sharp accents to divide the space inside and play with contrast.

The various areas in the boutiques are delineated and highlighted with Italian green marble, a well-known Boucheron signature.

The walls are covered in mineral plaster to echo the stone used for the Paris location, and the floors are overlain with green carpet resembling the illustrious emerald cut featured in Boucheron’s logo.

The store’s intricate parquet flooring takes inspiration from classic French floor patterns, and its pastel pink wall accents have been softened to reverberate the soft elegant light of the space.

Lo studio LECOADIC SCOTTO firma la boutique BOUCHERON di Mosca

Lecoadic-Scotto’s vision also encompasses the earnest desire to pay homage to the extensive technical expertise of high jewellery and to the art of the sale. Blending refinement, elegance and the French touch.

Their retail project pays close attention to graphic line, like a metal which frames a precious stone, black bars outline the angles of the Boucheron space: a tool for highlighting the pieces glimmering inside display cases.

The famous French designer Pierre Chareau, whose designs placed focus on grids and clean lines inspired the boutique’s tables and display cases.

The presentation and sales tables, lamps and cabinets are representative of his works, while the wall lamps are reproductions of a 1923 model.

Lecoadic-Scotto brought the ambiance of a lovely Parisian location, in all its comfort and elegance, to the Boucheron boutiques, giving them a singular identity.

The first boutiques are located in Moscow, Paris’ department store Printemps, and Geneva


Completely unique in the contemporary landscape, Yann Lecoadic and Alessandro Scotto are inventing a suggestive architecture enriched with dreamlike images, side by side.

The two architects have been working together for more than a decade, and have stood out for their eclectic projects.

Perhaps drawing on their extensive work in fashion, whether for designers or brands, strong personalities and effective visuals, they have cultivated a way of working that is highly attentive to the other.

There is no distinguishing style, but rather technique, materials and emotion, which draw on the art of composition to reveal an understanding of a project’s identity and essence.

Although each of their projects is perfectly in step with its sponsor, they all boast unpretentious elegance and refined discretion.

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Photos courtesy Michael Loskutov

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