BARA Health by Nature – Kfar Saba Israel.

Studio Samuelov progetto Erboristeria Bara

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The story of Bara Plants connects two interlocking worlds: the world of nature and the science of medicine.

Bara imports over 700 different plants from around the world, and various extractions, some traditional and some technological. Bara concocts natural medicine and provides a cure for every ache and problems.

Studio Samuelov designed the Bara Health by Nature in Israel.

The space of the store and the brand’s story include these two leading worlds of nature and science, with emphasis on the company’s motto: “Each client deserves personal guidance and consultation”. The values of the design were picked accordingly: nature, science, professionalism, service, privacy and wellbeing.

The materials picked for the project, terrazzo floor in earth tones, customer service desks and window frames in the brand’s turquoise, and the back wall’s covering, with a concealed door to the clinic, in earth tiles of Criaterra, strong natural breathing tiles manufactured in Biophilia technology. The store’s central motif, developed by designer Lana Revenko, dives into the plant with its arteries seeming like a human’s nervous systems and blood vessels.

Along all the store’s walls are window flower boxes with natural vegetation pointing upwards, highlighting the internal order of the laws of nature. The shelving, from natural wood and white Formica, shaped like a symmetrical greenhouse up to the store’s ceiling, create an angle of natural protection. Light graphic fixtures with sketches of real herbs at the top of the shelves give the customer accessibility to the inner growing process.

Studio Samuelov designed the Bara Health by Nature in Israel.

Information and help desks in the store have biomorphic and human lines, allowing access from every direction, so there is no divide between pharmacists and staff, to the customers. Information is available and accessible to all. Oval information bubbles in different colors between the shelves are impressive front signs pleasant to the eye, keeping the natural flow of information.

The store’s story continues to support the company’s message of putting people in the center and provide a sense of advanced medical science with the comfort and harmony of a nature walk.

Design Tiltan Kaon, Studio Samuelov Head Designer
Contractor Kapayim Israeli Building
Supervisors DUO Project Management ltd. Dan Zigmond and Guy Baumel
Lighting SOHO
Earth wall Criaterra
Graphic Design Lana Revenko
Branding Avraham ADV
Signs and graphics work Tidhar Industries Signs
Carpentry Iko Design
Flooring Aloni
Photos courtesy Uzi Porat Photography

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