MOD the modular lighting system

Sistema di illuminazione modulare MOD progettato da Stefan Diez per Sammode

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The new MOD lighting products enable to create unlimited configurations.

For more than 50 years, thanks to the success of its tube lights, Sammode has built itself a peerless reputation in the field of strip lighting.

It has now channeled this expertise into spot lighting and, after three years of intensive research, is launching its new MOD range of lights, the result of a fruitful collaboration with the German designer, Stefan Diez.

The originality of this spot lighting lies in its composition. It is made up of four key elements: a fixture (wall, ceiling and suspension, or on rail), a twin hoop (for orientation adjustment and cable-free power supply), a main body (containing the heat sink, the housing for the light source and the light assembly base), and lastly, an accessory (reflector, deflector or diffuser).

The new MOD lighting products enable to create unlimited configurations

The advantages of the MOD range are legion, starting with a power supply to the main body with no electric wiring and flexible orientation, not to mention a judicious system of accessories.

Initially available in a 100 mm diameter, the MOD range now comes in 238 variations. These can be broken down into different configurations of beams, power levels, colour temperatures and control modes. This makes for around a staggering 30,000 possible versions!

Designed in different materials and finishes, perforated aluminium or extruded glass, these accessories give it a subtle and contemporary touch of refinement.

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