<strong>Metalmek Illuminazione</strong> – Custom LED production.

Metalmek Illuminazione – Custom LED production.

📅12 Marzo 2020, 10:54

Metalmek Illuminazione Company celebrated, this 2020, the coveted goal of 47 years of activity.

Its plant, in Lainate (Milan), spreads on a covered area of about 8,000 sqm., with two foreign branch offices (in Netherlands and Germany). Since the 80’s it exports its LED lighting fixtures worldwide.

The Headquarter includes offices, a showroom, research laboratories and a complete manufacturing cycle, including all the processes from the treatment of the sheet steel and aluminium, to powder coating and assembling of the final product.

For years, Metalmek Illuminazione manufactures and successfully exports its fixtures, paying particular attention to technological innovation.

In fact, its knowledged know how and plants satisfy every customers’ need as for bespoke LED products.

Metalmek technical lighting

The quality process is always monitored both for materials and the inhouse implemented components. The range of products is mainly intended for tertiary, civil, commercial and retail sector.

Metalmek technical lighting

Thanks to its experience and managing staff, the competitive advantage of the Company founded its values on quick satisfaction of the customers, in addition to the remarkable competences in choosing carefully raw materials and the processes they involve, placing the Company as the most reliable partner in the LED lighting sector for the BtoB activity.

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