Architecture Of LIGHT.

Architecture Of LIGHT.

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The lighting design is decisive for the success of a project in the retail sector or in public areas, as well as the choice of the lighting fixtures, the quality products, the color temperature, the installation, the energy saving and the safety.
Progetto Luce architecture of light

Light doesn’t simply serve to illuminate but is a fundamental element to create atmosphere in private spaces and above all in public areas. Without light there would be no reading of colors or the depth perception.

The lighting system goes along the customers, while new LED technologies allow to revolutionize the sales point and make it, by light, quite dynamic and enable to arouse emotions and catch the interest.

This is the reason why it is important to rely on lighting specialized companies for customized solutions, such as Progetto-Luce.


Progetto-Luce, founded in 1998, celebrates this year 20 years of activity. From the beginning, the company has specialized on research and innovation, by developing for their customers of the retail and interior sector (designers, engineers, architects) customized solutions, by using specific and particular products that the standard market was not offering. Another focus of attention of Progetto-Luce, is the ability to customize, which allows to produce exclusive lighting fixtures. Thanks to the collaboration with the customers, the company over the years has a very diversified product catalogue.

To Light, Design and Beauty

Progetto-Luce has developed new technologies for a perfect lighting solution for specific sectors such as jewelleries, museums, sacred art and high fashion. Such as a custom-made process for gemstone cut or the colors of a picture, with specific solutions to enhance the beauty, Progetto-Luce also suggests a wide range of specific LED offers, for impressive results. The technologies and the systems used in the jewellery sector or in the museums events have applications also in other retail environment.

Progetto Luce architecture of light

In fact, Progetto-Luce realized lighting projects for fashion stores, design, furniture and home décor. This because colors and finishings are enhanced by quality lighting systems, such the LED lighting with Color Rendering Index (CRI) greater than 90, which become, in museum or in sacred environments, or accessories of high fashion stores, reaching 98 CRI. The Technical Department of Progetto-Luce takes care to the most suitable possibilities according to the designers and the customers requests.

Technologies and Features

Every product follows the best DALI Technology or by APP simply and therefore by remote control by smartphone or tablet. A public area is not static, but dynamic: so lighting must vary according to the time of the day, events or the day of the week. Thence, it is important to remember that Progetto-Luce is a Licensee of the Philips brand, a leading company of this sector, and since 2016 it is registered  to use the Philips patents. Progetto-Luce offers products both the customized and the standard ones designed and manufactured rigorously made in Italy.

Progetto Luce architecture of light

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