ESSENZIALED presents Vairus and Patatrack

essenzialed vairus

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“If you want to create new things you must let go of what you are used to” – Ad Huijser


VAIRUS is a smart air purifier that, combining Titanium Dioxide and UV-A Led, reduces harmful volatile substances in the air (bacteria, viruses, allergens, smog etc.) and at the same time smells, to increase well-being in the places where we stay.

Through the “smart” device, in the versions equipped with sensors, it’s possible monitor air quality even remotely with 4.0 connectivity through the CASAMBI APP.

Vairus air purifier by Essenzialed


Track lighting is the most suitable and functional choice for solutions that require differentiated light points and greater flexibility. This versatile system has a wide range of design lamps in constant evolution, making it changeable and adaptable to environments subject to constant change, such as commercial areas.

PATATRACK by ESSENZIALED integrates diffused light and adjustable spotlights, to create various lighting solutions. The latest innovation is VAIRUS, our air purifier compatible with three-phase standard  tracks

Illuminazione a binario Patatrack di Essenzialed


Managing every aspect of the project internally, from the design to the electronic, mechanical and lighting design, is able to produce custom made systems with flexibility and speed, even on complete customer specifications. Increasing the perceived Well-being, also increases the customer experience, a determining factor for developing the business and differentiating from competitors.

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