Missoni opened its first Flagship in China

Boutique Missoni a Shanghai

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The brand’s first store in China is situated on the ground floor of Shanghai’s Jing An Kerry Centre.

Missoni opened its first Flagship in China

In their Shanghai store, Missoni introducing a new store concept that has been conceived by Milan-based BBA Design Studio established by architects Barbara Ballabio and Andrea Burgio.

Given the brand’s abundance of colourful patterns, the store has skilfully avoided being too much with the belief that the new concept allows no element to be out of balance.

The storefront design reflects the Missoni brand with its signature zigzag pattern through the use of colour, vertical metal elements and shades of light.

The new Missoni store covers a floorspace of 180 sqm., already revealing its identity to the public in the storefront design: the iconic zig-zag movement that characterizes Missoni fabrics is here cleverly conjured up with colours, vertical metal elements and slashes of light that create dynamic energy, like a surface in movement.

Inside the store lies a succession of walls that gently connect to each other, created partly in metal slats, partly with compressed cellulose, with the aim of creating a single continuous space across which the customer’s eye can slide without any obstacle. Around the entire perimeter, as a background detail, it is possible to identify the graphic texture of the internationally-famous knitwear which has become the key feature of Missoni style.

Missoni opened its first Flagship in China

The zig-zag pattern is identifiable via 3D-style cladding, created by artisans, where deviances in thickness are emphasised by the lighting. The architectural concept is to create a neutral environment wherein colours and fabrics of the clothing and accessories can stand out, without ever renouncing a certain level of characteristic style and refinement in the use and choice of materials and lighting.

With an extremely condensed project, the new architectural concept speaks volumes about the world of Missoni, highlighting the product without ever overwhelming it. Finally, the reinterpretation of the famous motif is here presented as a fil rouge to unite all the elements, in a smooth transition between exterior and interior, between architectural design and clothing.

Much attention has been paid to the use of sustainable materials, in accordance with the brand principles. In particular, eco-friendly products with a circular life cycle have been used, to respond to the ever important necessity of a green economy.

Specifically, the walls have been made with Milleforma Cotone©, a composite material of cotton linters and clay, while the flooring is made of CIMENTO® which consists of over 90% aggregate minerals mixed with a cement binder.

Missoni opened its first Flagship in China

Location: Kerry Center, Shanghai
Architect: BBA Studio di Barbara Ballabio e Andrea Burgio
Area: 180 mq
Photos courtesy: Zhang Yuguang

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