Progetto boutique Kiton Milano

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The collaboration between the B+ Architects studio and Kiton,  a historic brand of Made in Italy, continues, the occasion is the transfer of the  Milan boutique to the new location in via Sant’Andrea 16, in the  heart of the Montenapoleone fashion district near via della Spiga.

Since 2017 B+Architects has developed and interpreted exclusively for Kiton a new concept, which in agreement with the brand, is constantly evolving.  The architectural identity  that defines the interior of the store is linear and combines simple shapes and  neutral colors with  soft finishes. Textured fabrics, small touches of  Canaletto walnut wood  with a special natural finish, metals with unique nickel  tones.

store concept Kiton boutique in Milan


One of the main objectives is to create a relaxed, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, enhanced by  the  sensual charm of the  materical materials. One of the key element of the concept is represented by the possibility that the decor are used indifferently for  men’s and women’s collections.

Even the furniture for the display of the product is designed to  be used flexibly  , with maximum freedom of set-up, everything is designed to flow and change as the  sliding panels  made of  interchangeable materials to harmonize with the  proposed collections.  Many of the fabrics used in the concept are those that Kiton usually inserts inside the  jackets, too precious not to be enhanced in a  customized piece  of furniture .

store concept Kiton boutique in Milan

The façade of the historic building is refined on the upper floor  by  ornamental plants and the three large windows on the ground floor allow you to   see completely the interiors in which the space extends.

The  pattern that makes the  Kiton brand unmistakable could not  be missing,  a  distinctive element of the concept studied by B+Architects in this store represented by  decorative installations made with a mix of  fabrics among the finest  of the line.

The strong attention towards the theme of sustainability and  environmental awareness also shines through in the  choice of the floor formed by a compound of  inert materials from recovery.


The lighting has been designed to ensure maximum visual comfort  and the  lighting fixtures equipped with LEDs  with high  color rendering allow a perfect visualization of the product.

store concept Kiton boutique in Milan

The high-resolution monitors, deliberately of  discrete size, are harmoniously inserted, blending with the atmosphere of the store, showing dynamic images  of the Kiton lifestyle.

B+ Architects is continuing to develop numerous other projects of the brand that will open new stores in London, New York, Zurich and Shanghai and in other important locations by the end of the year.


The B+Architects studio, founded in 1999 by the architect Bruna Galbusera, deals with Architecture, interior design, conservative restoration and competitions. In particular, over the years he has specialized in the field of luxury retail designing more than 500 boutiques for well-known brands including Loro Piana and Kiton. The union of ideas and the mixture of different creative areas are the real strength of the group and the numerous collaborations, in Italy and abroad, have contributed to enriching the experience in the management of each phase of the project, from the conception of the concept to the final result. Particular attention is paid to the management of technical aspects generating a true integrated design.

Photos courtesy Marco Beck Peccoz