Superkicks Concept Store

Superkicks Concept Store

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Superkicks’ store concept designed by Joint Studio were inspired by the historic Delhi’s Red Fort.

We wanted to change how sneaker brands are perceived all over the world. Our aim was to create a one-of-a-kind experience that transcends into a sensory guide and takes you on a journey into India, Delhi to be precise,” says Nimisha Sharma, founder and design principal at Joint Studio.

Superkicks' store concept designed by Joint Studio were inspired by the historic Delhi's Red Fort.

The store is inspired by Delhi’s forts, which is evident in its colour scheme, material palette and minimalist yet impressive design. “We wanted to celebrate our history and heritage and infuse modern, simple elements to create a truly unique space. A true mix of old and new, much like India”, adds Sharma.

Superkicks Store New Delhi


A 16-foot-high ceiling helped amplify the square footage of the store and allowed the design team have fun with the interiors. They created an amphitheatre-like space by incorporating steps within the level. “The idea to use the height we had rather than dividing the store into mezzanine floors was simple and impactful.  We added a concentric light fixture  above to guide one’s eyes internally to the design rather than leading outwards. This was to keep the customers engaged with the space around them”, says Sharma.

One look around the store and you’ll notice the prime colour used across is an earthy terracotta with accents of white. “We chose a single tone taking inspiration from the red sandstone, used in most forts in Delhi such as the Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb, with a white inlay. So we added a detail of white throughout as an accent colour. We also used red sandstone for the flooring and a lime wash terracotta texture all across the walls and ceiling. For the basement, we used an acid-washed terrazzo floor giving it a rustic, old Delhi look with the same wall finish”,  explains the designer. To create a focal point for customers, the design team also added a large textured shoelace design on a wall.

Superkicks concept store New Delhi

The minimalist look of Superkicks’ New Delhi store, with its subtle product display, makes it a sneaker store unlike any other. “We decluttered and removed all frills and stripped the space to bare minimum where practicality was our driving force and the monolithic nature of a space became our unique design thread“, concludes Sharma.

Superkicks Store New Delhi by Joint Studio

Location: New Delhi, India
Area: 223 sqm
Design: Joint Studio
Founder and Design Principal: Nimisha Sharma
Interior Designer: Nimisha Sharma and Suryansh Agarwal
Design team: Shreya Ahuja, Sumit Batra and Natasha Satyawali
Photos courtesy: Joint Studio


Multidisciplinary design studio founded in 2016 by Nimisha Sharma.  Joint Studio is a spatial design practice for people to experience design in its purist form. Their designs are meant to evoke emotions through a play of colours, forms and textures. They work in the field of Interiors, Event Design and Lifestyle Products..

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