Bizoux Jewellery Store by Gavel

Studio Gavel progetta la Gioielleria Bizoux

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Bizoux is a jewellery brand that was born in 2009 with the brand concept of “a beloved piece of jewellery that can be cherished for a lifetime”, and offers original jewellery using more than 100 types of natural and coloured stones.

Designed by interior design firm Gavel, the store faces a slightly slanted corridor inside the Omotesando Hills building on the Omotesando street occupied with luxury boutiques in the heart of Tokyo.

Bizoux Jewellery Store designed by Gavel

We came up with the store concepta place where gems are bornand wanted to create the space to make it seem as if one has wandered into a mine.The store entrance is set slightly back from the corridor and we designed the series of arches from the front to the rear of the store in order to create an inviting mood for customers so that they want to come into the space, whilst creating the cave like atmosphere which could give an overwhelming feel if designed wrongly. The arches also have a role in allowing customers to enjoysearching for gemswhilst softly separating their line of sight” explain designers.

To create an environment where gemstones are born, the showcases on the walls were coloured to match the colours of the gemstones. Whilst almost all of the interior surfaces: floor, walls, ceiling and even display furniture, were plastered with a uniform plastering technique, the roughness of the aggregates added a change in expression.

Bizoux Jewellery Store designed by Gavel

In addition, to create a sense of life in the cave, contrasting layers of glass were used to express the “freshness” of a water source.

Location Shibuya,Tokyo
Area 40sqm
Design Gavel Inc
Photos courtesy Kozo Takayama

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