Pop Mart Global Flagship Store designed by X+Living

Pop Mart Global Flagship Store designed by X+Living

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Pop Mart, as a leading pop culture and entertainment company in China, has been committed to injecting new creative driver into China’s pop toys industry.

X+Living deconstructed the brand’s culture and products and incorporated the latest new elements of the digital media to create a brand flagship store full of futuristic and technological sense.

Pop Mart Global Flagship Store

Located at the busiest crossroad of Nanjing East Road, in the heart of Shanghai, the designer took advantage of the unique opportunity for display and created a giant storefront of four floors high.

Brand logo and product elements are exacted to design a simple yet impactful decorative façade, which radiates the brand’s unique identity to the whole block. The futuristic façade is like a boundary between two different time and space, magnifies the difference between the two worlds and strengthen the sense of fantasy of pop culture to meet the needs of brand culture communication.

The giant eye-catching pop toy IP above the façade conveys a sense of mystery under the gradient lighting, forming a splendid street scene, like a standing milestone in the new world.

Color Force Field

Color and planet are used as design inspirations for the downstairs and upper space, creating a contrasting and complementary effect. Stepping into the retail area, the space is suffused with colors, which dissolve at the end of the line of sight.

The designer used colors to promote individuality, strengthen the pop toy products with distinctive attitudes and echo the brand tone of advocating youthfulness. Colored acrylic which are used as display cabinets and special-shaped display racks are custom designed to achieve a glass-like texture, showing the brand’s sense of fashion and breaking the limited field of view between display partitions.

Futuristic Technology

On the second floor, a secret mechanical planet appears. The futuristic technological mechanical rods, developing as in the ecological arrangement like plant growing, deepening the dramatic tension of the spatial narrative. The space construction is built up with sophisticated techniques. Components in varies sizes are tightly assembled together under precise calculations.

The space is scattered with large metal spheres embedded with electronic screens, presenting product promotions and act as control heart of this mechanical star, directing the conveyor belt on the ceiling to deliver products in an orderly manner. The designer places arched metal displays in the space, spreading to the ceiling in rows to create a sense of order, while the arc-shaped shelves on the floor link customers’ paths of exploration. In order to achieve the exquisite details of complex components, part of the structure is made using 3D printing technology.

The designer’s strict control of the texture and refinement of the components, overcomes the challenge in the assembly of 3D printing components with other materials and equipment such as wood, LED screen and acrylic, turning the Pop Mart planet from imagination to reality.

The integration of cutting-edge technology alludes to the concept of the new world, and the bold and innovative use of the design field also coincides with the brand’s ambition to open up a new world of pop toys and entertainment for young generations.

Location Shanghai, China
Client Beijing Pop Mart Culture and Creative Co.
Design Company X+Living
Chief Designer Li Xiang
Area 600 sqm
Photo courtesy SFAP

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