Meland Club Beijing flagship store

Meland Club Beijing flagship store

This project is the latest flagship store of Meland Club, a leading parent-child theme park brand in China. It is the third-generation themed design created by X+Living for Meland club.

Entrance of Meland Club Beijing flagship store

The ultra-large theme park over 10,000 square meters incorporates over 100 fun attractions, combining 5 major themes of “Insects, Oceans, Land, Sky, and Jungle” to create a “Wondrous Museum of Nature” full of futuristic mechanical aesthetics.

Spatial concept

The spatial concept stems from designer Li Xiang’s inspirational narrative about protecting endangered wildlife, utilizing abstract mechanical styles to recreate supernatural landscapes and vibrant colors and animal imagery to conjure a revival of all living things, an animated and dynamic amusement journey. The design team also incorporated imagery of 60 extinct animals into the spatial scenes, enriching thematic details so that the entertainment activities also have humanistic educational significance.

Meland Club Beijing flagship store reception area
Reception area

From spatial concepts to design details, the environmental awareness conveys the designer’s hope that through magical adventures, children gain nourishment, sowing seeds of compassion for nature in young minds, germinating thoughts on human-environment relationships, and spreading love for all living things.

Meland Club Beijing flagship store sea merry go round
Sea merry go round

Mechanical aesthetics and artistic decoration

On the foundation of architectural logical aesthetics, designer Li Xiang innovatively integrated “mechanical aesthetics” into interior construction and artistic decoration, attempting to deconstruct the rigid structures of mechanical motion and recreate dynamic rhythmic beauty through condensed static beauty, reconstructing people’s traditional perceptions of spatial construction.

Meland Club Beijing flagship store Coo Coo market
Coo Coo market

Gigantic three-dimensional façades with exaggerated visual dynamics shock and captivate the audience. Interior scenes are compressed, combining virtual and actual to highlight intricate pictorial compositional relationships. Geometric divisions formed by mechanical bearings create rhythmic sensations, symmetrical aesthetics accentuated in every detail, gentle colors dissolving the sharpness of metallic frames, eliciting a romantic technological sense. The transparent, open spatial structures extend a graceful temperament.

Meland Club Beijing flagship store Coo Coo market

Mechanical bearings is artistically transformed into interior truss structures and dome spaces, serving as spatial identifiers throughout the project. The unconventional design approaches deliver novel sensory experiences, while the underlying logical aesthetics manifest ceremonial beauty in arrayed formations. An exquisite, elegant spatial subconscious is thus molded, immersing children in aristocratic, palatial experiences.

Meland Club Beijing flagship store Jungle exploration
Jungle exploration

Basing on the original fantastical, dreamy, and romantic tones, the designer incorporated walnut hues, delineating the brand new color system for the project. The warm and refined texture conveyed through wood colors perfectly balances the flamboyant colors. The surprising clashes of walnut hues and multicolors are like the bizarre imaginations and marvelous fantasies of fairy tales invading reality, subverting the imagination of traditional theme park aesthetics.

Meland Club Beijing flagship store Jungle exploration

The designer pioneered a fusion model of complex mechanical thematic installations and technological recreational facilities, encasing the amusement equipment in futuristic mechanical animal shells, iteratively enhancing traditional products through original design schemes, spearheading revolutionary transformations in the manufacturing industry. The dynamic mechanical combinations vividly bring creative ideas to life, abundantly exhibiting cute animal traits, conveying careful craftsmanship in spatial details throughout.

Meland Club Beijing flagship store Coral Cafe
Coral cafè

Even in ancillary functional areas, the designer sustains fairy tale-like experiences for children.

Walls filled with extinct animal illustrations resemble entering a micro museum. Slanted mirrors and rotating ornamental lights from the ceiling seamlessly integrate functionality, causing visitors to forget they are in the washroom but a fantasy wonderland, attending an elegant, magical fairy tale tea party.

Architectural logic, art installations, mechanical technological aesthetics, philosophy, and popular science education are unprecedentedly integrated into an exquisite, complex creative scheme, constructing a comprehensive indoor parent-child theme park encompassing family amusement, art appreciation, aesthetic education, popular science, and creative enlightenment – a fantasy universe transcending yet tangible to reality.

Meland Club Beijing flagship store washroom

Client: Ledi Culture
Location: Fuxing Road No.69, Wanda Plaza, Beijing, China
Design Company: X+Living
Chief Designer: Li Xiang
Technical Director: Fan Chen, Wu Feng
R&D Ditector: Li Yaping
Project Ditector: Qian Huilan
Designer: Xie Yu, Lou Jiahao, Tang Xing, Yang Qiong, Wang Sen, Zhang Zhiyu, Liu Hao, Xu Dong, Jiang Deming, Yang Qiaoliu, Ren Yujin, Wang Liyao, Ke Shenguang, Xu Shanhao
Customized Furniture: X+Living
Production Director: Zheng Minping
Production Team: Lu Qi, Liu Mengru, Xue Luhong
Photos courtesy: SFAP