Vertical design to light-up every location


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With the furniture accessories by NC Design® group, even the brightness takes shape.

After the presentation of Acousticframe®, the innovative sound-absorbing product that improves image in an element able to give acoustic and housing comfort, NC Design® group presents Lumaframe®.

Lumaframe special stratified panel

Lumaframe® features

The special stratified panel is the main character of this new product that gives an excellent quality print to all images from the Decor Frame catalogue. The front finish in Plexiglass® Rohm anti-scratch, glossy and anti-yellowing, absorb the light to distribute it on the printed surface uniformly, making pictures lively and bright with a surprising visual impact

The edge, with a thickness of 40mm, is realized with a glossy black finish and the back is pre-drilled to simplify and make safer the possible application on the wall.

Lumaframe® offers a “coat” of contemporaneity to every image, balancing art and technique, functionality and aesthetics. Thanks to its extraordinary sharpness underlines every detail and exalts the brightness and the strength of colours giving shiny black and brilliant white.

In this way, with Lumaframe®, the pictures on the wall, in the most common use, or lay on a horizontal surface, become a glam element able to give personality to a residential location or to enrich a Contract and Ho.Re.Ca. space thanks to the product material and the novelty of the images.

Lumaframe special stratified panel

Decor Frame line

With the new Decor Frame line, NC Design® group turns into the traditional meaning of “painting” to transform it into a not-conventional design object, a vertical design accessory able to give personality, add value and enrich the walls of every interior project, but not only. Sideboards, console tables o other accessories can be used as a support base, thanks to the freedom of positioning, which can be changed over time or according to the interior design needs.

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