Q New York – Aston Martin Ultra-Luxury Flagship


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The new location brings the highest levels of the iconic British brand’s bespoke service, Q by Aston Martin to North America for the very first time, providing the most sophisticated luxury specification experience available anywhere in the world.

The first-of-its-kind landmark location forms a key pillar of Aston Martin’s ultra-luxury brand and customer experience strategy, with the commitment to provide the very best possible environment for its most discerning clients to create their own intimately personal Aston Martin.

Q New York Aston Martin Ultra-Luxury Flagship

In collaboration with AZA Design‘s renowned designer Alexander Zilberman, Q New York has been meticulously crafted to transport visitors into the captivating realm of the brand.

With an impressive portfolio that includes esteemed luxury retail spaces for Versace, Equinox, Victoria’s Secret, Soho Hotels, Michael Kors, and more, Alexander Zilberman brings unparalleled expertise in crafting exceptional retail environments.

Q New York Aston Martin Ultra-Luxury Flagship

As visitors approach Park Avenue, they are greeted by an awe-inspiring window installation known as the “Champagne Frame.” This extraordinary installation boasts one of the largest single panes of glass ever installed in a New York building, providing an enchanting vista of Aston Martin’s iconic models.

Illuminated by an exquisite 2,100-bulb chandelier stretching 40 meters (131 feet), the display mesmerizes onlookers. Stepping inside the flagship, guests are immersed in the epitome of British craftsmanship, evident in every detail.

From meticulously designed mosaic tiles to commanding dining tables and a thoughtfully curated selection of elements, Q New York solidifies its position as a distinguished destination on one of the world’s most iconic streets.

Q New York offers an ultimate blend of digital and physical car configuration, allowing clients to personalize their Aston Martin to the smallest detail. Through a custom-made appointment, clients can visualize their dream Aston Martin on an impressive 10.5-meter (35-foot) x 3.5-meter (10-foot) LED wall, providing an ultra-high definition, 360-degree view of any Aston Martin in life-size.

Aston Martin has employed innovative Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to offer a seamless customer specification service. Clients can combine the sensory experience of physical color and trim samples with live configuration on the screen.

Additionally, a live video link between Manhattan and Aston Martin’s design studio in Gaydon, UK, enables real-time communication with the brand’s renowned designers and the Q by Aston Martin team, providing the most bespoke and sophisticated commissioning experience.

Photo courtesy Aston Martin

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