Masquespacio unveils new project We Are Emma in Milan

Masquespacio new project for We Are Emma beauty salon

We Are Emma is a visionary beauty salon specialized in hair treatments and styling located in the heart of Milan, Italy. Designed to redefine modern lifestyle, We Are Emma combines contemporary aesthetics with functionality to create a harmonious and inspiring environment.

Masquespacio is excited to present its latest creation for the hairstyling brand, We Are Emma, to the design world, located in the heart of Milan, Italy.

Design Features

Taking inspiration for We Are Emma’s salon, Masquespacio sought to create an environment that exuded joy and playfulness, achieved primarily through the strategic use of color and organic shapes. Vibrant hues and whimsical forms adorn the space, adding a distinct charm and evoking an atmosphere of lightheartedness. However, this playful ambiance isn’t at the expense of sophistication.

Masquespacio unveils new project We Are Emma in Milan

Masquespacio carefully selected materials like tainted natural wood, marble, and stainless steel for the design features, adding a refined touch to the space. The combination of these elements successfully achieves an elegant yet playful concept for We Are Emma’s brand, striking a perfect balance that is visually appealing and representative of the brand’s unique identity.

As you step into We Are Emma, the first area you encounter is the retail space, where a hospitable host is ready to introduce you to the range of services they offer. This is also where you have the opportunity to explore the wide array of hairstyling products that We Are Emma has for sale.

The design in this space is characterized by organic shapes complemented by an eye-catching pink color palette. Dominating this space, an arch-shaped opening immediately draws your attention, enticing you to continue into the hairstyling area. This opening, a testament to the unique design elements inherent in Masquespacio’s approach, serves as a playful and inviting transition into the heart of We Are Emma’s salon experience.

project We Are Emma in Milan

A immersive experience

Upon entering the hairstyling area, your attention is immediately captured by the bar corner – an unexpected yet delightful addition to the salon. The bar invites you to indulge in a refreshing drink while you wait for your appointment, imbuing a sense of relaxation and enjoyment to the overall salon experience.

Moreover, the bar isn’t exclusive to salon patrons. It warmly welcomes anyone in the neighborhood to drop by for a drink, making We Are Emma not just a destination for haircare, but a social hub as well. This innovative inclusion further elevates the We Are Emma experience, flawlessly merging the worlds of beauty and leisure.

project We Are Emma in Milan by Masquespacio

To the right of the bar area, a series of hairstyling pods reveal themselves, designed with the perfect balance of privacy and openness. These open capsules provide a haven for customers to disconnect and enter their own world during their hair treatment. Each pod features an ultra-comfortable seating arrangement, enhancing the client’s comfort during their beauty session. The elegant fusion of marble and gold materials in these pods accentuates the elegant feel of the salon. These materials, chosen for their timeless beauty and sophistication, underscore the importance of this area, making it one of the most striking features of We Are Emma.

Last but not least, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the salon is the washing station area. Designed to offer clients a moment of serene disconnection while their hair is being washed, this space is purposefully separated from the other areas. Its layout embodies the concept of tranquility and relaxation: the soft, ambient lighting and the gentle hum of running water create a soothing atmosphere, while the comfortable reclining seats ensure maximum relaxation.

We Are Emma is a visionary beauty salon specialized in hair treatments and styling located in the heart of Milan

At We Are Emma, Masquespacio meticulously crafted each space with a focus on comfort and elegance, guaranteeing that your visit is not just a hairstyling session, but a truly immersive experience.

Location Milan
Area 123 sqm
Design Masquespacio
Photos courtesy Luis Beltran