Baseyard Tokyo – Phenomena studio designs the Osaka store

Baseyard Tokyo - Phenomena studio designs the Osaka store

Baseyard Tokyo is transmitting things and things as a new culture of all genres. For the store project, the first in the city of Osaka, Phenomena Studio conceived a space that combines economic efficiency and functionality while retaining the facilities and sections of the existing store.

Baseyard Tokyo, the Osaka store

A wall fixture system was adopted to accommodate a variety of displays, and the basic wall surface was finished to make use of the expression of the gypsum board and screws that are usually used as base materials. The counter is LGS, the façade is mortar, and the fixtures are made of SUS base material to form the space.

Baseyard Tokyo - Phenomena studio designs the Osaka store

Location Umeda, Osaka, Japan
Design Phenomena


Tokyo based interior design studio, establish on January of 2020.

A proposal for a space that captures the existence between matter and consciousness and appears. Feeling invisible things, small events, finding joy in trivial everyday life, and polishing your intuition. An event that remains in your memory and gives you a foreboding of the future, something that takes shape and enriches your mind.

Born 1986 in Tokyo Japan, after that spend childhood in Akita rich in nature. learn the basics at from interior design school in Tokyo, I was work experience some of interior design office since 2009. Between 2013 and 2019 worked at Curiosity, where as designer under on various projects and then currently I am activities as a interior designer of individual.