nice rice Shenzhen concept store – A Sailing Journey

nice rice Shenzhen concept store

Shenzhen has transformed from a small fishing village to an international city due to the rapid development. Its unique marine culture has gradually turned small fishing boats into cruise ships and yachts. As a result, “boat” has become one of the local cultural labels, and been, at the same time, a microcosm of the city’s development of the past few decades, which was internalized into the inspiration by say architects, and brought into the connection of nice rice in Shenzhen with the cultural emotion generated by “boad”.

concept store creato da say architects per nice rice

The staggered masts and crossbars at the entrance define the site but remain open to lead people to explore inward. The central diagonal staypole in the middle of the “deck” holds up the “sail” and becomes the main visual center of the space. The curved top surface is compared to a white mainsail, and the upward stretching means setting sail, showing the free and optimistic risk-taking spirit of nice rice. The inhaul cable in the sailboat simply and effectively display the components of the hull and give them a display function.

Stepping into the “cabin”, the warm wooden elements make the space more peaceful and comfortable.

The deck exhibits the huge winds and waves, while the cabin provides a more stable sense of protection, forming a contrast between the inside and outside. People who enter the store can experience it more immersively here, as if they feel the winds and waves in the sea, and are willing to establish a special connection with the ocean in Shenzhen.

  • nice rice Shenzhen concept store

say architects intends to blend nice rice into every city so that it can have its own local expression. Adapting to the people in different regions is also conforming to different cultures. say architects hopes everyone can be their own leading role of their life in the vibrant Shenzhen.