Icas soluzioni di arredo per il retail
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Furnishing systems that improve activities.

Since 1960, Icas has been offering furnishing systems for the retail sector. Pharmacies, optics, para-pharmacies and perfume stores are the primary clients in Italy and abroad. Design, quality, and flexibility are the cornerstones of its products and eco-sustainability is at the heart of the Company’s values. […]

ICAS produzione cassetti e complementi d’arredo per ottici farmacie gioiellerie
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See the drawers with a different optical view.

ICAS is a company of which it is difficult to make presentations. It has been known and appreciated for years now, in Italy and abroad, where it exports its products, but above all its knowledge as Company that deals with drawers and accessories furnishings for opticians, pharmacies and jewelers. […]

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Pharmacy Beatriz Domenech Valencia.

Beatriz Domenech is a pharmacy with more than 40 years of experience and located in Valencia, decides to jump from the hand of the architect Joan Albert from A4 Estudio, expanding the pharmacy from 60 sqm to 300 sqm. […]

arredamento farmacia blasi realizzazione th-kohl
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Blasi’s Pharmacy chooses TH.KOHL

[button link=”https://www.arredanegozi.it/2018/05/arredamento-farmacia-blasi-realizzazione-th-kohl/” icon=”none” target=”” color=”a30b0b” textcolor=”ffffff”]TESTO ITALIANO[/button] “There are a lot of nice pharmacies around, but I wanted one able to being well impressed in the minds of my clients. And now, thanks to Th.Kohl, […]